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That special look for Indian Arrival...

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Donstan Bonn

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Donstan Bonn

FOR most women, when they are looking for a dramatic look with their make-up, a smoky eye seems like the most obvious solution but why not try Arabic eyes instead, asked make-up artist Jewel Holder.

Indian Arrival Day is almost here. Celebrated every year on May 30, it is customary to see people on that day or a few days before adorned in beautiful embellished Indian wear. For women who are looking to try something different with their make-up for the special occasion, understanding the fundamentals of doing Arabic eyes will help you get the look you want.

Holder has been a qualified make-up artist for the past 16 years. She has done make-up for Gailann Stephens, Michelle Sylvester, Nadia Batson, Nikki Crosby, Penelope Spencer, the late Onika Bostic and others within the entertainment industry.

She noted before any make-up is applied to the face, it is important to look at the skin. Sharing some of her beauty secrets, Holder gave some tips in make-up application.

She said, “The face acts as a canvas, one should always try to make sure they have a smooth surface to work with so you should exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells. The most effective exfoliator I’ve ever used is the aloe based exfoliator by Ambrosia cosmetics. Instead of containing seeds or granules, it is a gel that gently melts away dead skin while softening it at the same time.”

She said, “Arabic eyes are quite similar to Indian bridal looks, except the lining of the eyes is even more intricate as well as elaborate. Because most Arabic women can only expose their eyes, the concentration is on bright colours, very dramatic eye looks and creative wings often bordered by a hint of white or gold.”

“This type of make-up is very different than everyday make-up and therefore stands out much more. Lining is more artistic, prominent and defined and the face is sometimes adorned with bindis and other gems. It also provides a forum for creativity and versatility as you can have fun with a variety of colour combinations and looks,” Holder said.

She discovered her love for make-up at the tender age of six.

She said, “My mom gave me a little make-up bag and would fill it with samples and products she wasn’t using so that I can do make-up on my dolls”.

As she got older, Holder’s passion for make-up grew. Working at several major cosmetics outlets, Holder landed in London in 2004 as a beauty consultant with Calvin Klein Cosmetics. She returned to Trinidad in 2007 and did make-up only part-time.

Holder is now the senior make-up artist at Ambrosia Cosmetics and specialises in doing Indian make-up, especially Indian bridal make-up and other occasions.

Holder said, “Being able to do what I love every day, having the chance to be creative and seeing people happy with their finished looks is what makes me happy.”

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