Sunday, December 17, 2017

The face of Carnival


Make-up artist, Arlene Villarule. —Photos: Jermaine Cruickshank

Andrew Manswell

Carnival is all about colour and this year is no exception. When it comes to make-up, the eyes have it, said make-up artist, Arlene Villarule. 

Cat eyes, fish-tailed wing, smokey wing and parrot tip are just some of the many eye-effects Villarule can do. She admits she has fun coming up with some of the names of what she is able to do, however, the overall effect is never less than impressive, she said.

Originally from Chaguanas, Villarule takes pleasure in dabbling in make-up and showing her clients another side to themselves. 

She said, “Make-up is more than just make-up and goes far deeper than the skin. 

“Talking with my clients, I realise people have to deal with all sorts of things on a daily basis. From self-esteem issues to wanting to know how to apply make-up correctly; I know make-up can not only make a person feel beautiful but transform their life,” she added.

“When I was younger and watched my aunt do hair in her salon, I was always more fascinated with make-up than hair. I saw how people would be transformed and their expression after their make-up was done; and it was priceless. I love it and I knew make-up would always be my dream,” she said.

Villarule has been a make-up artist for the past 14 years and uses her own line of make-up that is named after her. She has a wide range of cosmetics that include eye shadows, blush, eyeliners, lip pencils, mascara, brush cleaners and organic face powders, Villarule boasts that her line of make-up is unique.

“I like to have a make-up product that is multi-purpose. My mixing medium is waterproof and great for holding your glitter in place. It can also be used to create the perfect glitter liner; a great base for your eyeshadow and also works great to create a glitter lip which is also a big trend for Carnival. My make-up artist’s palette is a 15 piece tray that carries a wide array of colours that can give you at least five different looks,” she said.

Fondly called by friends as AV, her new make-up line was sold exclusively at her store at Kenneth and Fitts Streets, Montrose, Chaguanas; however, it would soon be available at Trincity Mall as early as February, she said.

“My face powders are all natural. You can choose between banana and rice face powders. I am currently working with a company abroad for make-up brushes and foundations,” she said.

“My make-up line came about after a company in Poland saw some of what I did that I posted up on Facebook. They sent me some of their products to try and I was impressed with the quality. I made the relevant connections and they asked if I was interested in creating my own make-up line which I accepted; and the rest as they say is history,” she said.

“Glitter, shimmer and tons of colour is what people want and expect for Carnival. I create dramatic make-up focusing on the eyes but still tastefully done. Make-up is an art and can easily compete with the splendour of a masquerader’s costume. I use colour to lift, contour and enhance a person’s features while still allowing them to shine through their costume,” Villarule said.

“The trend for Carnival 2014 is beautiful eyes. This started from last year, where I got clients requesting more dramatic eyes than face art. Face art or stencil art was very popular however, masqueraders saw that when they put on their headpiece, the face art competed with it. Carnival is the one time you can go over the top but some people felt it was too much. They still wanted the art but also the beauty aspect while wearing their costume,” she said.

Villarule noted that as Carnival approaches many women may feel the need to go more daring with their make-up.

“You can do something dramatic without taking away from the headpiece. A lot of women now know more about make-up than years ago. Rarely do I ever get clients that just come in and say, well, just do what you want. People are now on YouTube and Instagram and are seeing how these things are done. I have clients that come in and know what they want,” she said.

“Carnival is the perfect time to try something new with your make-up. Don’t be afraid to do some glitter,” she said.

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