Saturday, December 16, 2017

The juice of healthy living


HEALTH WALK: Raw foodist Charlie Spooner will host a health walk around the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain on his 90th birthday on February 16. —Photos: VERDEL BISHOP

Mark Fraser

Eighty-nine-year-old Charlie Spooner has been living on plants, nuts, and seeds for over three decades. Spooner, who eats everything raw will turn 90 next month and insists that nothing cooked or processed must ever pass his lips.

Following an illness in the early 80s Spooner decided to switch to his radical diet and he has never looked back. The raw-foodist is a marathon runner who became well known for his health food shop he once owned on Frederick Street in Port of Spain called Nature’s Gift which he created based on the work of Doctor Norman Walker — a British businessman well known as a pioneer in the field of vegetable juicing. Spooner advocates the drinking of fresh raw vegetable and fresh juices to stay healthy and uses juicing equipment that was developed by Walker.

Spooner is sprightly and as strong as ever. He continues to operate Nature’s Gift from his home in St Ann’s where he prepares his juices and healthy snacks for his loyal health conscious customers. The Express recently visited him at his home during the preparation of his health potions where he enthusiastically talked about his transformation and internal cleansing after ceasing to ingest toxins from cooked foods.

“In 1981 I obeyed a voice in my head telling me that I’ve got to go raw and I thank God that I obeyed that voice. What I could do now I couldn’t do at age 50. I used to get a lot of pains when I was younger; I couldn’t raise my foot. Now I can lift my foot to my face and not feel any pain; I am full of energy and that is because I eat 100 per cent raw. I eat everything raw and alive... nothing dead. I also fast very often. When I fast I do it for spiritual improvement and development. People tend to neglect their spiritual selves. They overeat and drunken themselves. They are poisoning themselves and they don’t even know it.”

He continued: “In the 80s when I opened the shop I had a friend who was 80 at the time. He asked me if he could stay at my home. He stayed by me for a while and he started to drink my juices regularly. Before he just used to sit there, he couldn’t do anything. Then all of a sudden he got active. He started to do chores and demanded that I send him on errands, he couldn’t just sit there anymore. The man just came alive. I have seen what those juices can do. The juices cleaned him up and put life in his body. He was a different man.”

Spooner does all type of fruit and vegetable juices. His juices are mainly for therapy — treatment to prevent and treat non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It is also good for poor circulation. According to Spooner combining various fruits and vegetables clean out the toxic waste in the arteries.

“The fruits and vegetables have certain properties in them like pawpaw has something called papain which is programmed to clean your digestive organs. I have drinks for women with menstrual problems,” Spooner said.

He is confident about a herbal remedy he calls Herbal Miracle Scrubber which he makes with ingredients that include aloes, garlic, charcoal and molasses which aids with internal and external ailments.

“It cleans cysts of the ovaries and can even get your pregnant. It does a variety of things; it also removes moles and other skin conditions. It works internally and externally. People need to know that once you start to go healthy and change your lifestyle you have to continue. You must not go backward or you will not only defeat the purpose. If you go back to your old habits you take more waste into your cells and you get sick and when you get sick it takes longer for you to get back at the state you were. If you continue you get better health and longevity. You think