Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The talent of Asja Girls, San Fernando on display


ASJA Girls College, San Fernando Vice Principal Cindy Khan (second from left) Curriculum Officer Reita Antoine, and principal Yasmin Rahaman-Singh.

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ENGAGING in studies of Visual Arts helps pupils become more focused in decision making. This is according to Reita Antoine,Curriculum Officer of Visual Arts in the Ministry of Education.

She was speaking yesterday at the second annual art display at the ASJA Girls' College in San Fernando.

Antoine told pupils: "Use your education in Visual Arts to make relevant and informed decisions.By solving design problems,your processes forces you to become inventive ,innovative. You become engaged in critical thinking."

She said:"You get a chance to make decisions and judgements so that later on in life, when you apply these higher order thinking skills, regardless of your future jobs, your life will continue to be successful."

She added that a collaborative effort was needed for success.

School's principal Yasmin Rahaman-Singh said she was inspired and in awe of the artistic talent displayed.

"We are doing our part to enure that each student their innate creative talent is being nurtured at the college," she said.

Rahaman-Singh spoke highly of the school's two art teachers Gail Cardinez and Zorida Baksh.

She said in order for pupils to really excel in Visual Arts, the Art Room needed to be expanded. She hopes the Ministry of Education will be able to assist in that area.

She said: "We need more physical room.We want to expand the college. Right now we have two small classrooms that have been converted for Art and CVQ (Caribbean Vocational Qualification).

Baksh said there were hundreds of art pieces on display with almost every pupil in the school participating.

Many of the pieces were done on cloth as well as canvas and paper.

The school invited neighbouring schools to attend the exhibition including San Fernando Central Secondary School who visited.