Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The true meaning of Divali


Sri Swamini Jai Sathya

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Female saint of India, Sri Swamini Jai Sathya, originally known as Sri Suryanarayana Jayanthi Kumaraswami, is sending Her blessings to Her followers around the World this Divali. The following is Her Divali message:

The intention of the Deepavali celebration is to drive away darkness and receive divine grace; to protect good from evil and to guard all that is good. Also for God to show Himself and His Greatness came Deepavali. To show to this world how light comes from darkness, to explain what darkness is and what is light, to explain pleasures and suffering came Deepavali. When this world gets into darkness, the God gives natural light and shows Himself as in the Mahima Avatar of Bhagavan Vishnu. That is Deepavali. Deepavali is the celebration of people coming away from ignorance and now on to the path of wisdom by discriminating what is good and what is evil. The God shows Himself to the world by fighting against all destructive forces. Deepavali is to show to this World about the destruction of Narakasura, the sum total of demonic forces.

Throughout this world people must be happy. What sort of happiness should that be? It should be of divine nature spiritual and divine happiness. We are going to live only for a short period and not for long years. During this short life we should know what is real and what the Truth is. And that is Divinity only. We search so many things but they are not true. What we have to search and the only thing to search is God, Spirituality and Divinity.

In this world, if the suspicious mind goes, enjoyment comes. Suspicion has many divisions - to suspect, inability, not revealing the mind openly, keeping happiness within and keeping love within. Love can be classified as attachment and affection. Hiding all these comes under Suspicious Mind. When we openly tell what is in our mind, enjoyment will come. Once enjoyment comes everything will happen. When we keep things hiding in our mind, we get unsolved confusion. Therefore all should have open minds and speak openly to get real happiness.

When people are in suffering they do not know how to come out of it. As a last resort, they search God. Within us, basically the power of God resides like milk in mothers. When a child wants milk it searches the place from where it can get milk from the mother. Like that, devotion should come naturally and keep growing. In that situation, no suffering comes.

When we say Deepavali, it is to light the torch of wisdom only. Bhagavan Maha Vishnu churned the milky ocean to get Amrit. During that process He had to face lot of tortures from demonic forces. Hiding, Bhagavan destroyed Narakasura, the Rakshasa, to bring goodness to the world. On the day of Deepavali, everyone should be happy and enjoy pleasures to the fullest. During the short span of life let us not have enmity. Let us not have any ego. Let us not see 'you are big and I am big'. Let us all think of what is good for all. That is Success.

In South India, Deepavali is celebrated as a one day festival but in North India Deepavali celebration is for five days. In North India the First Day of Deepavali starts on the 13th day from Full Moon. The first day is called Dantrif, that is Danvantri God who has given us Ayurveda for disease free health and wealth including Gold, material well being, land and dwelling place. The first day celebration is the remembering day of God Danvantri.

The Second Day of Deepavali is on the 14th day from Full Moon. This is a small Deepavali celebration designed in honour of Bhagavan Krishna who killed the world fearing Narakasura. On this day worship to God is done on a very grand scale.

The Third Day of Deepavali falls on New Moon Day and is celebrated with a variety of sweets and wide variety of new dresses. This day everyone is very happy at home. This day is marked for Mahalakshmi Pooja. The pooja is performed with great faith and in a grand manner. Everyone worships the Divine Mother Lakshmi. The Fourth Day of Deepavali comes next to New Moon day. On this day we remember Bagawan Krishna's act of holding the Govardhana Giri as an umbrella. Special Poojas are performed on this day.

The Fifth Day celebrations begin with taking the blessings from elders, after which the exchange of pleasantries take place. Our nature is flooded with the joy of celebrating Deepavali. This day we meet our brothers and sisters and exchange sweets and new dresses. This provides all of us an opportunity to know the welfare of our blood relations. This celebration is named Bhaiduj. After that, we exchange our happiness with our friends. The celebration takes various moods like singing, dancing and merry making etc.

However, in South India Deepavali is a one day celebration. All five days are put together and celebrated on a single day. Spiritually, in North India, each of the five elements is given importance by having a five day celebration. Thus each element is given due recognition and celebrated one by one peacefully. But in South India the five elements are taken as the manifestation of the Universe and Deepavali is celebrated for a day.

All said, the purpose of Deepavali is that each and everyone should be happy. Our love and joy should be expressed out. Starting from Pooja room, bed room, toilet, kitchen, hall in short all places in the house should be neat and clean because we have put five elements together in the making of the house and living. Therefore neatness should be there at every place. Only if every place is pure and clean the Ashta Lakshmi would live in the house. The main concept is Bhagavan Maha Vishnu comes to give us Lakshmi. Our cleanliness will make that Lakshmi stay with us.