Saturday, February 17, 2018

Thomas is the 2013 'Star'


FIRST: Dillon Thomas

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second: Cindy Alleyne

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Having delivered a humour-injected commentary on the things that fellow calypsonians find themselves doing to win a competition, Dillon Thomas was on the night of January 10 crowned the 2013 Stars of Tomorrow Calypso Monarch.

Thomas performed "For A Crown", which was composed by his elder brother, Sheldon Reid, who has himself won several titles over the years.

The competition took place at the Learning Resource Centre, UWI, St Augustine, where 16 young and upcoming calypsonians competed for the title.

Placing second was Cindy Alleyne, who sang "I Pay Honour", while Helon Francis came in third with her rendition of "Tainted Legacy".

Malaika Ballantyne placed fourth with her performance of "Target 365".

The calypsonians were accompanied by the band known as Earl Knight and the Services Brass and all delivered commendable performances with the majority of calypsoes being social commentary addressing family life issues, crime and the challenges of the nation's youth.

Opening the night's competition was Rondell Greaves, who immediately brought the audience to life with "Youths Are The Future". He, however, did not make it into the top ten.

Another quite impressive performance was that of Terri Lyons, who sang "Born Fighter", in which she had members of the audience at the edge of their seats with her impassioned rendition. She would at the end of it all have to settle for fifth place.

Thomas is from Tobago and has tasted victory in the kaiso arena a number of times before, including November last year when he retained his Vintage Calypso Monarch title singing "King Liar" by Lord Nelson.

He had won the title in 2011 with a performance of "Black Identity" by Maestro. Last year he place fifth in the National Calypso Monarch competition singing an anti-domestic violence song titled "A Woman's Worth".

"I am elated to have won the Stars of Tomorrow title and I am now looking forward to the Young Kings final, as the top male in the Stars of Tomorrow moves on automatically to that competition. I started seriously with calypso when I was 17 years old and enjoy presenting positive messages with a unique twist.

"For A Crown looks at the extent calypsonians will go to in order to win a title. Some will not care about the trophy or say they don't even want the money, just to be sure they get the title. All they want is to be king. You can call the song humorous social commentary and we did the song like that to let people know the truth about calypso competitions, but with an ease on the mind and to also not offend anyone," Thomas said.

Thomas is a student at UWI, St Augustine, where he is studying Theatre Arts. He is performing out of the Glow Calypso Tent in Scarborough.

Complete results:

1st place – Dillon Thomas – For A Crown

2nd place – Cindy Alleyne – I Pay Honour

3rd place – Helon Francis – Tainted Legacy

4th place – Malaika Ballantyne – Target 365

5th place – Terri Lyons – Born Fighter

6th place – Ezekiel Yorke – One More Recruit

7th place – Khadja Antoine – Tears for the Children

8th place – Sergio Francisco – When You Take A Life

9th place – Marion Paponette – Let's Save Them

10th place –Philman – Thoughts on My Journey