Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Time for a Fashion Easter


HOT AND SEXY: This model dazzles in this sexy and sultry green and black dress.

Mark Fraser

Easter fashion trends are at hand even as last season’s fashion trends continue to make an impact in 2014. But there is no one more excited about what 2014 has to offer in fashion than Kareena Farfan, marketing manager of Eastern Avenue The Celebrity Store, which has been lighting up the local fashion landscape for almost a decade. The clothing store continues to cater to the individual styles of women in array of fashion for all occasions from classic to fashion-forward, casual and chic clothing.  

When it comes to fashion, Farfan has the eagle eye. Farfan operates Eastern Avenue The Celebrity Store alongside her mother, Jacqueline Farfan and elder sister Stacy Farfan. 

The younger Farfan veered into fashion and style by following the footsteps of her mother and sister.  Farfan is inspired by her love for fashion—her fashion savvy went up a notch after deciding to take a more hands on approach in the family business. By age 20 she took her first steps towards learning the formula to operating a successful clothing store. She has acquired her degree in Marketing and has also quickly developed the midas touch in fashion with a keen sense of knowing and understanding the needs of her customers.  

Over the years Eastern Avenue has developed into a fashion resource for women. Farfan says superb customer service and understanding her customers’ needs has made the difference.  While she is passionate about fashion and style her service to her customers is on top of her agenda. 

Over the years Farfan has developed a  large clientele  that values her advice. Farfan says along with her mother and sister, the trio are an effective team with the right combination of skills that  is responsible for the store’s success. “My sister Stacy gives the store that unique look. If my mom does not agree with something she would give her opinion and advice; she brings the balance and deals with the finances. 

She is really the decision maker. I travel a lot to get the trends and select the items women are looking for,” Farfan says.

The store has only recently extended its services with a men’s clothing line and has also included image consulting.  Eastern Avenue The Celebrity Store operates four outlet at Upper Level Gulf City Mall, Frederick Street in Port of Spain, Curepe Junction and A&S Mall, High Street in San Fernando.  

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