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The do's and don'ts of wedding invitations:


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Things have certainly changed when it comes to sending out your wedding invitations. It is easy to make little mistakes unknowingly if you do not know the modern rules of wedding invitation etiquette. If you want to avoid annoying your guests before your big day even arrives, follow these simple do's & don'ts before you send your wedding invitations.

Four do's of wedding invitations

1. Show your guests some respect and get their names and addresses correct. Make sure you have the proper spelling for all names before you start addressing your invitations. Double check all addresses to make sure they have not changed since you last spoke to your guests. You do not want a guest to say they did not receive your wedding invitation because you sent it to the wrong address, and you definitely do not want to offend your guests by spelling their names wrong.

2. Give your wedding invitations your full attention and do not cut corners. You cannot assemble, address and mail 100 invitations in a half hour; and your invitations will be a sloppy mess if you try to make that happen. You should be realistic about the time required to get your invitations out to guests, and plan ahead so you have enough time to put them together correctly. If you give this project your full attention, your guests will be more receptive to your wedding invitation.

3. Personalise your invitations. It may be faster to stamp a generic address label on each invitation envelope and send them on their merry way, but you want your guests to know you thought of each of them personally. Take the time to hand write each guest by name on the envelope. 

4. Make sure you have all components of your wedding invitations before you start putting them together. You do not want to put the invitations together and then realise you did not insert maps to the wedding reception or another important insert. Gather everything you need and then pay close attention to the assembly process to ensure all inserts make it into every invitation.

Three Don'ts of Wedding Invitations

1. Make sure not to include gift registry inserts with your invitations. Even though the stores & banks may suggest this, and you have received them before from friends, it is considered poor etiquette. The best way for your friends and family to know where you are registered, or the type of gifts that you'd like to receive, is the old-fashioned way, through word of mouth.

2. Do not try to do it all yourself. Hold a wedding invitation assembly party to get the bridal party in on the action. You can receive help assembling the invitations, but make sure you write the personal greeting or name inside each invitation. Make sure your helpers take the job seriously and assemble the invitations correctly. It may help to create an assembly line so each person has a specific job and then passes then invitation to the next person.

3. Do not send invitations to your "A" list wedding guests and then send out a second wave of invitations when you see how many people from the first group will not attend the event. You may have some people who would not make your "A" list the first time around, but it is inconsiderate to send your second set of invites too close to the wedding date. Be sure to send your "A" list invites out early enough so that you leave enough time for sending out invitations to your "B" list if you need to. The best way to do send your invitations is to them all out at once and assume about 20 per cent will not attend.  

Wedding invitations are serious business because you do not want to offend your guests before they RSVP. Follow these invitation tips and you will please the crowd so they want to attend your big event.


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