Monday, February 19, 2018

Today's trendy hairstyles


A curly Fauxhawk hairstyle with a touch of red colour to the ends of the hair.

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Hairstylist Mulrain puts the finishing touches on this Fauxhawk hairstyle.

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It can be spiky, wavy, straight or braided but no matter what your preference might be; you will definitely be on trend this year with a Mohawk hairstyle. Apart from the many variations this style allows; incorporating colour into these chic hairdos has also become very popular.

This bold hairstyle varies significantly, with differences that range from the length of the hair to the width of the strip cut by the stylist. While some women may feel confident enough to have the sides of their head shaven; others may find it harder committing to such a drastic hairstyle.

The strip of hair that indicates a Mohawk hairstyle starts at the forehead and continues across the top and down the back of the head to the nape of the neck says hairstylist, T'shura Mulrain.

Mulrain is a hairstylist from San Fernando. Working at her craft for more than 12 years, she works alongside her husband Mark at their salon Studio 27. While she considers her husband the guru in nails, when it comes to hair, this is her area of expertise she says.

She noted while most women are familiar with the word Mohawk, it seems the word Fauxhawk is not as popular.

Despite the number of women seen sporting this cropped do from celebrities to children; Fauxhawk and Mohawk hairstyles are considered evenly matched. While some people may disagree with this fact, Mulrain says she has come across customers that refer to Fauxhawk hairstyles as Mohawks.

So you may ask yourself, what is the difference between a Fauxhawk and Mohawk hairstyle?

Mulrain said, "As previously mentioned, a Mohawk hairstyle requires the client to shave the sides of their head and the top remains. With a Fauxhawk hairstyle the sides are cut short, not shaven and the top left long. Depending on the length of the hair, a faux-hawk can be styled spiky, braided or waved".

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