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Transform your bedroom for Valentine's


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Valentine's Day is a day of love among couples celebrated on February 14 every year in almost every corner of the world. Thanks to great marketing and advertising, this day has become synonymous with affection. Every year, Valentine's Day comes as a reminder to many, to nurture the romance in our lives. It's unfortunate (but true), that for many, it's one of the few times outside of birthdays and anniversaries that they may receive romantic dinners, flowers and so on. On the other hand, there are many people who do not believe in Valentine's Day, because as one couple pointed out, every day should be a celebration of the love you feel for that special person. So instead of battling and stressing to secure a reservation at your favourite restaurant, or find the perfect gift, this year, why not transform your bedroom into a love haven?

Set the scene

Your bedroom should be unrecognisable, so remove unnecessary items that detract from the romance of the space. Clear surfaces like bedside and dressing tables or you may even move the furniture around.


Yes, I know it is Valentine's Day, and the first two (2) colours that come to mind for most are red or pink. Ladies, men do not really enjoy a room filled with pink. To create a relaxed mood, you can try combinations like cream, gold and bronze. For a really sexy atmosphere, you can use black or purple with touches of animal prints. You can personalise the space by using your partner's favourite colour. Use the colours of his favourite football team, or style the room based on the theme of your wife's favourite movie; this will really show how much you know them.


When trying to create a romantic atmosphere, lighting and music is key to achieving this. Try using lamps and lots of grouped candles to create a softer mood. For instance, tie three candles together with a ribbon matching your colour scheme, and place it in front of a mirror to reflect light, which creates a feeling of intimacy, and adds depth to the room. If you have clear Christmas lights they will look great in a trail around the bed for a romantic touch. Another great way to accentuate the mood is with background music. It is a great way to induce relaxation, and it's not even necessary to play love songs. You can compile your partner's favourite songs, whether they are Latin, rock, or R&B, especially if the music reminds them of a significant or happy time with you.

Decorative touches

The bedding you use is going to be very important for the whole theme of this space. It should comprise of fabrics that are silky and soft to the touch in whatever colour scheme you decide upon. Silks, or faux silks, satins, velvets, or faux furs can be used in a plain, pattern, or animal print, and made into comforters, spreads, scaldinos (bed-scarves), throw pillows and so on. Remember, the goal here is to make your bed look inviting. Add lots of cushions and drapery panels in keeping with your theme. If you are a big fan of old-fashioned romance, then you might opt for using Euro Shams, lots of lace, and frilled pillows with heavy trimmings. If you want to go all out, you may want to drape a canopy over your bed, or drape fabric on your headboards or panels to create a soft, sensual atmosphere.


Scenting a room is yet another

important part of creating a relaxed and sensual mood. You can add scents to your bedroom with aromatic candles, potpourri, aroma-therapy burners or incense. My personal favourite is to sprinkle a few drops of a perfume of your choice on your bedding before making the bed.

Whatever style you choose for your special day, do not over-do it. Remember the rules of seduction; be determined, but subtle; be passoniate, but tender; and love with a pure heart. I wish you all a

Happy Valentine's


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