Friday, February 23, 2018

Trinidad Renaissance School's NAPA Performance

...first school to use NAPA south's big stage


Pupils of the Trinidad Renaissance School

Donstan Bonn


Pupils o the Trinidad Renaissance School.

Donstan Bonn

The Trinidad Renaissance School made history last week, becoming the first school to put on a performance at the South Campus of the National Academy for Performing Arts, in San Fernando.

The production, titled “T’was the Night before Christmas" was well received by parents, grandparents, and friends of the school, which is located at Hubert Rance Street, Vistabella, San Fernando.

The musical featured performances from pupils of all classes, the school choir, the Renaissance pan side and the violin orchestra.

The message from the principal Ravichandra Debie spoke of the Christmas spirit and that the tradition of the Renaissance school - to live the Christmas spirit all year round.

The South Campus of NAPA was opened in late September.