Tuesday, February 20, 2018



 THE Gift For Life Foundation admits that St Anthony’s College is a college where young men are groomed into respectable gentlemen. This commentary was made after the college’s Young Leaders hosted the Miss Gift For Life Pageant 2014’. 

Prior to the pageant, the Young Leaders were actively involved in training 22 young girls from eight orphanages to become successful delegates for the pageant which took place on April 10 at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya. 

The events which were executed by Young Leaders of St Anthony’s College assisted the young women to  holistically develop in areas of self-esteem, building of confidence levels, acceptance of the uniqueness that lies beneath all individuals, sensitivity to race, gender, diversity, inclusion and, more importantly, learning of skills that will assist in the national development of Trinidad and Tobago. Events which took place since January 2014 – April 2014 include: 

— Bird Sanctuary Outing –January 26

— Valentine’s Dinner at St Anthony’s College — February 14 

— Educational Trip to Fort George  — February 23

— Tour to Control Tower, Piarco International Airport- April 9

— Holi/ Phagwa celebration - March 16

— Turtle Watching (Protecting the Turtles) – March 23

— Rehearsal For Pageant at Amar’s Beach Resort and Sunset 

— Beach Resort, Mayaro (April 4 – 7) 

— Miss Gift For Life 2014 Pageant  – April 10

Young Leaders were able to cover all dimensions of the theme “ Diversity and Inclusion – a 21st Century Imperative’ over a few months. 

President Ishaq Ross and vice-president, Nicholas Moyou, admit that “even though the project was extremely demanding and time consuming, we learnt a lot. The girls have gotten a sense of recognition and were given a platform to showcase their learning experiences through their talents, cultural outfits, inner and outer beauty. We felt that the skills that were taught to the girls, benefited both boys and girls in a dual fashion”. Young Leaders hosted the pageant in ways that seem unimaginable to the young men of St Anthony’s. RBC officials, members of the media and other dignitaries, especially those from Miss Fabulous 2013,  were pleased to see the effect of teamwork and co- operation displayed by the Young Leaders through the smooth execution of the pageant. 

Young Leaders announced:

— Miss Gift for Life 2014 as Delicia Lee from Couva Children’s Home

— Miss Junior Gift For Life  as Zireen Gulston  from Angel Michael — Hostel for Youths

— First Runner-Up as Tinelle Moore from Raffa Girls, Orange Grove

— Second  Runner-Up as Radica Ramlal from Casa De Corazon, Sangre Grande

— Third Runner-Up as Natakie Bynoe from Ezekiel Children’s Home, Preysal

Young Leaders added that every girl is a queen and she left the pageant as a winner. 

When it comes to measuring learning outcomes and experiences derived from the RBC Young Leaders project, every girl is now viewed as a transformed figure of womanhood and she is now ready to smile and face the challenges of the 21st century both locally, regionally and internationally. Special congratulations to Kent Charles and Savitrie Charles and Mr and Mrs Gill, who supported the Young Leaders in a big way.