Sunday, February 18, 2018

"We Ting Reloaded"


Slinger Francisco, The Mighty Sparrow, was one of the people interviewed for the CD.

Donstan Bonn

Submitted by the Vessigny, La Brea-based organisation No Youth Left Behind -

In today’s world youths are facing the most of hardships and lack of belongingness within the society. Youth as in every generation, struggle to find their place amongst their peers and gravitate towards what is popular so that they in turn may be seen as such.

In Trinidad and Tobago, due to technological advancement such as cable television and the internet, we are oversaturated with information and images glorifying various foreign lifestyles. This advancement has had some negative impact on the young and impressionable minds of our nation’s youth.

Youths are more in tune with foreign music, dress codes, and other social and cultural aspects that are alien by nature to us. No Youth Left Behind proposes to highlight our youth membership on a fun and exciting journey investigating our history and legacy for the purpose of presenting it to their peers.

This will be presented in a documentary style DVD called“We Ting Reloaded”. We are convinced that our proposal has the potential of rekindling not only interest and passion for our own heritage, but integrating the values of a good and productive citizen in youth, while simultaneously motivating them to lead a normal life as proud and patriotic citizens by providing them with a source of pride in what is ours.“We Ting Reloaded” will be an educational yet entertaining documentary highlighting interviews with soca and “kaiso” artist, religious figures, sporting athletes, political icons, community members, various business owners, educators, historians and more.

We have already received support from various entities, including the Ministry of Gender Youth and Child Development and Kes the Band. Ultimately NYLB intends to lobby for the documentary to be introduced as part of the school curriculum.