Friday, February 23, 2018

Weddings on a budget

Avoid the extravagance, make your special day simple but still memorable

There are couples who go all out for their wedding day and those who keep things as simple as they can. 

For the latter, one small wedding planner has come up with a unique wedding package for those who don’t care for all the pomp and ceremony yet still want a memorable experience for their tight budget. 

Whether you’re in a hurry or if you simply want to get married on a small scale, the wedding planners can pull it off. 

Founders of Umbrella Bridal Guide and Event Management, Alana Doyle and Brian Herbert said their company was created for couples on a tight budget who want to experience the “fast, fun and free-spirit­ed­ness”of “Vegas” ceremonies, with various packages to cater to the needs of their large clientele. The wedding planners said a private, simple ceremony offers a better alternative to turning to the District Revenue Office (formerly the Warden’s Office). 

“A little wedding does not have to lack anything big. If you want something that is really quick and simple, it is still possible to have something to look back on. [A wedding planner takes] the hassle out of planning to create beautiful weddings at short notice, ensuring peace of mind and joy for customers, creating an exciting alternative to couples who would have opted to going to the Warden’s Office. There are packages for persons working on a small budget and are interested in getting married or even renewing their vows,” Herbert said. 

Herbert noted the venue loca­ted on the first floor of Capital Plaza, Frederick Street, Port of Spain, has the ambience for small, private vows. He said 

his company takes care of all 

the details. 

“Once you do the legal paperwork, we will take it from there. The space is very appropriate and romantic. We have outfitted it to create the perfect ambience for a small or private gathering, making it even more appropriate than the Warden’s Office. 

“I have seen marriages at the Warden’s Office, with people asking for a more private setting to exchange vows. There is no privacy at the Warden’s Office. There are a lot of people who have one out of two alternatives: either they take a big loan or they opt for the Warden’s Office. I have seen brides in wedding dresses at the Warden’s Office with their entire bridal party and that is unfortunate.” 

He added, “Once you are getting married, we will guide you. Anybody who is getting married can come to us and we will provide various services, including venue, transportation, delectable finger foods, photo shoot, a romantic night at a luxurious hotel, as well as photos and video of the cherished event, for the happy couple and a few guests. Our venue is small because we are catering to the wedding party that if they did not have a choice would go to the Warden’s Office.” 

They’ll even provide gowns and tuxedos for rental, and it doesn’t matter what religion you are, they will also provide the marriage officer. 

Herbert, who started offering the service last year June, said it is a much-needed one. Word has spread about their services and, now, the company plans at least one wedding per month. 

“Our services are in demand. People are looking to cut cost, but while cutting costs, you can still enjoy a memorable experience. We have a team of professionals with several years of experience in photography and videotaping events. 

“We provide intimate, finely detailed perspectives of the requirements for proper event planning. Their devotion to shelter clients from that type of frustration is what inspired the name, Umbrella Bridal Guide and Event Management,” Herbert said.