Saturday, January 20, 2018

What does fatherhood mean to you?


ENDLESS LOVE: Jay Nar, 51, of Allentown, Philadelphia, USA, laughs as his daughters Yesha, 18, left, and Ishita, 13, pose for a photo during a visit to Central Park in New York. “I love them from the bottom of my heart,” said Nar referring to his daughters. After citing the girls’ many accomplishments in academics and sports, he gestured to his older daughter and said, “When the gas tank is empty, she comes to me.”

Mark Fraser

 \\\\\ NEW YORK

Fatherhood in America has changed over the past few decades. Dads today are more involved in every aspect of child care, from diaper-changing to helping with homework. Nobody questions paternity leave—even Major League Baseball players take it —and stay-at-home fathers are no longer unusual. And while there are more single moms than ever, kids raised by two parents have a big advantage over kids from single-parent homes: They are less likely to be poor. Despite the changes, when you ask today’s dads what fatherhood means to them, they cite some pretty old-school, universal themes. A team from The Associated Press recently photographed ten sets of fathers with their children, and when they were asked about being dads, they mentioned responsibility, hard work, joy and pride.