Monday, February 19, 2018

What moms want


RICH: Stainless steel bracelets from Irresistible.

Mark Fraser

Whether you decide to spend $1 or $1,000 on that special gift for mom, it does not matter as long as it comes from the heart. This was the sentiment expressed by many moms in downtown Port of Spain.

Veeta Rambaran from Couva said, “Love, that is all I am looking for this Mother’s Day.”

Sherma Charles is a mother and grandmother from Laventille, she said, “I don’t really want anything. I just want to wake up and thank God that I am alive and can see another Mother’s Day.”

Delise Redmond said, “I just want to thank God for health and strength this Mother’s Day.”

Apart from Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day is perhaps one of the most celebrated days around the world. Observed every second Sunday in May, there is a lot more fanfare for Mother’s Day compared to Father’s Day which is celebrated a month later.

While some mothers preferred sentiment over money, many said they had no problem with relatives wanting to show their love and appreciation in a more tangible way.

The Express visited retail stores in Port of Spain to see what were some popular gift items for Mother’s Day. From handbags to shoes, clothing and accessories many retailers said, stylish and comfortable were what most customers were looking for when it came to buying that special item for their mom.

Sheldon and Jennifer Taitt, the owners of Irresistible located at Bradford City Mall, Port of Spain had customers bustling through their doors looking to buy some “bling” for their mom.

“Earrings are very popular as well as jewelry sets. One of our most popular items is the Shamballa jewels. The great thing about these pieces is the crystals remain as they are and it comes in a variety of colours and styles. You can choose either round, heart-shaped or tear drop,” Taitt said.

“We also carry gold-filled jewelry and stainless steel,” he added.

If you think your mom might prefer a chic handbag, you can get a wide assortment at Accessory Lady located at Aboutique Mall, Port of Spain.

“From Michael Kors, Nicole Lee, Vani, Alyssa and Bosalina; we also have a wide range of luggage bags that come in leather,” said, Jemma Thomas, owner of Accessory Lady.

When it comes to your mom’s feet, Blaanix by Bang Bang has an abundance of shoes suited for almost any occasion. When the Express visited the establishment recently, supervisor at the store, Catalina Nurse said, “Flats is the trend for Mother’s Day especially if there are some embellishments on the sandals. Moms want to be stylish but also comfortable.”

“When it comes to colour, nude is the new black,” Nurse said.

Apparently no colour or flesh colour is the “it” colour right now, she said.

Though black and white continues to be a favourite for some customers when it comes to shoes and clothes, coral, prints and some pastel colours are also popular for Mother’s Day, retailers said.