Thursday, December 14, 2017

When art comes together


INSPIRED BY NATURE: Kessa’s mosaic art. –Photos courtesy Kessa Seale

Mark Fraser


INSPIRED BY NATURE: Kessa’s mosaic art. –Photos courtesy Kessa Seale

Mark Fraser

Following a successful first exhibition in February at Studio 66, Barataria, mosaic artist Kessa Seale is now ready to pass on what she knows.

The Tacarigua-based Seale, a graphic artist by profession, will host a three-day class on The Art of Mosaics on June 9, 16 and 23.

“A lot of people have been asking me to do this, since I had my show in February” Seale said.

For her, nothing happens before its time. She waited seven years before doing her own show because she wanted to learn more about her art. As a self-taught mosaic artist, Seale said she hardly wanted to appear “green” at her first show.

The tutoring aspect, which came on the heels of the exhibit, was also something she didn’t plan for but again the timing was right.

“I am accustomed to teaching my new employees but this will be my first time teaching a class.

“I am very excited about it.”

Seale first developed an interest in mosaics when her sister brought home a book on the topic. She read all that she could about it and through trial and error developed her own technique.

Mosaic art involves the creating of images by assembling small pieces of tile, coloured glass, stone or other material. According to Seale it requires a lot of patience and a steady hand. 

Through her late father’s concrete company, Seale built up a clientele with swimming pool owners. She has done their pool tiles and for other clients tiled welcome “mats”, table tops and mosaic murals.

 Most of the people who contract her for business now were referred to her by other satisfied customers. 

Currently, Seale said she is working on Father’s day gifts for a few of her clients who want to give unique gifts.

“They come to me with their ideas and I work with them to get what they want. 

“I have been doing it so long that I am able to interpret what people are looking for.”

Inspiration for Seale’s work comes from nature, she said. Sometimes she is inspired by her materials like a bag of black glass pebbles or stones.

For her pool tiles, dolphins are hands down the most requested—and Seale has done a lot of them over the years. She also does fish, turtles, crabs, flowers, butterflies for clients who install her work in pools, bath, kitchen, gardens and offices. 

A mosaic interpretation of Kitchener was her first portrait. It got such great feedback that she is looking forward to doing even more.

Seale would like to one day learn mosaic at an institution in Europe from where most of her favourite mosaic artistes come.

Comparing her work now to when she started, she believes that she has come a long way.

“My materials are now user-friendly  and I have made them easier to install.” 

At her three-day Mosaic art class Seale will teach cutting techniques, choosing tiles, using contrast and understanding grout. 

Seale’s only gripe is the lack of access to a wider range of tile colours, particularly the “flesh” colours. Still, she makes do with what is available and at times she has had to improvise.

The married mother, Seale wants to see more of her work in offices and lobbies of hotels across the country. “I want people to get excited about mosaics too in this country. I would also love to do more classes later in the year.”

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