Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Winged women all a - flutter


from left: BLUSH BY GAIL CABRAL: This costume is from the section titled, Blush and designed by Gail Cabral. —Photo: Courtesy Tribe Carnival. CHARM BY MONIQUE NOBREGA: From the section, Charm designed by Monique Nobrega. —Photo: Courtesy Tribe Carnival. VICE BY SOLANGE GOVIA: This is Vice created by Solange Govia. —Photo: Courtesy Tribe Carnival.

Mark Fraser

Tribe Carnival on Saturday last unveiled its 2015 theme, Wings of Desire and also showcased the designs for its sster band, Bliss, which is next year presenting, Blue. 

The costumes did not appear until well after midnight and the removal of the media launch meant no quotes from – or one-on-one interviews with—bandleader Dean Ackin or any of the designers. So for the first time in several years, reporters were left alone to watch the spectacle onstage with no idea of the meaning/message behind it.

No problem; with themes like Wings of Desire and Blue, it’s not difficult to decipher the message. Tribe’s Wings of Desire includes lots of feathered wings of course, along with catchy section names such as: Impulse and Blush by Gail Cabral, Pure, Charm and Sultry by Monique Nobrega, Grace by Anya Elias, Tempt by Lana Nobrega, Raw by Ruana Booker, Crave and Vice by Solange Govia, Lust by Melissa James, Envy by Valmiki Maharaj and Luxe by Anya Ayoung Chee. 

There were some screams and catcalls during the presentation, but the music was much too loud and the audience too stagnant to really give their opinions on the costumes at that time. Social media exploded with photos and video clips the following day and many women have already chosen “their costume” and adjusted their fitness goals, boyfriends’ attitudes and savings plans to suit. 

The climax to the grand presentation included a zesty fireworks display. 

Once the formalities were over, the party began in earnest and with the women outnumbering the men almost 5:1, the action was heated with something resembling Carnival energy and this phenomenon continued into the wee hours of Sunday morning.