Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wow! - Couple Married for 60 Years



Sixty years in love, Harrilal and Olive Parahoo

Sue-Ann Wayow

IF two people cannot understand each other,

there will be problems in the marriage or relationship.

When arguments arise and one person gets angry,

there should be a cooling off period so both individuals

can then discuss the problems.

This is the informed advice of Olive Parahoo, who has been

married for 60 years. If there is an expert on marriage, Olive is that person.

Olive Parahoo and husband Harrilal celebrated their 60th wedding

anniversary last October 5, with a thanksgiving service at their home.

And not one day passed without them going to sleep angry with each

other, Harrilal said.

The couple lives at Boodoosingh Road in Rousillac.

They have four children.

The Parahoos are well known in the area for doing charitable work and Harrilal is known as the "mayor" of the village.

Olive, 80 recalled the day she first met her husband, who is now 83.

" I was a trainee nurse working for a Dr Camps. The office was where

Pennywise (in San Fernando) is now. I lived at Jordan Hill Village, in

St John, near to Cipero Street".

She said "his sister lived higher up the road. I was travelling on the bus to go home. That was the only form of transportation at the time. He was travelling on the bus also. So that was where we met. We met on the bus."

The couple has since traveled all over the world because Olive was once a tour guide and they still participate in charity events. Olive is a life member of the Lady Hochoy Home South.

At their anniversary celebration, one of their grandchildren Zack DeBruin who is studying at the University of the West Indies dedicated this poem to them.

The Diamond Anniversary

Two who have achieved so much

Through the good times and the rough

Two who have destined in one path,

And have tested the devil's wrath.

Two who are pure as a dove,

And bonded in nothing but love.

Shall see the rewards

That awaits them.

My grandparents have toured the earth

And had so much fun.

They turned the wheel of fortune

And spun, spun, spun

Please, people take them as role models

Take part in the world activities

Or else, if you don't

When prowling around the earth

And you hear the master's call,

They have realised

That they have lived on earth

Yet not lived at all.

Sometimes when I think, work or even play,

I thank the Lord for letting my grandparents

Live up to another day.

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