Saturday, February 24, 2018

YUMA begins its ‘Reign’


One of the frontline costumes. —Photos: Curtis Chase

Mark Fraser

The next generation of masqueraders assembled at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain in their numbers on Saturday night to experience the launch of the YUMA mas band’s 2015 Carnival presentation, Reign: Rule The Road. 

Designed as an acronym for Young Upwardly Mobile Adults, the band continues to live up to its name by attracting a wide cross-section of young masqueraders, while providing a hip and definitely mobile-friendly experience. LED lights and strobes illuminated the stadium car-park and transformed it into a dance floor before and after the costume presentation, which began around 1.15 a.m.

High definition cameras broadcast the plethora of moving models onto the three large plasma screens that formed the backdrop of the stage, as the band showcased variations of 13 different designs. The colourful sections were embellished with exotic names such as Quechua, Jaipur, Kush, Marrakesh, Shahanshah, Pompeii and Vuitton, to name a few and featured a host of trendy designs and innovations of their various parts. 

Surveyed after the presentation, the majority of patrons expressed definite interest in the costumes and playing with the band come Carnival 2015.

One young female patron admitted to being a loyal masquerader and said that she “loved all of the designs”, while a more mature lady said she “only really liked two” of the 13 sections.

The men surveyed were far less concerned about the actual costumes, but seemed to base their choices on the heavy presence of young, single women at the launch. One 23-year-old male from Trincity said:

“You eh see how much woman in here? Where else would I want  to be come [Carnival] Monday and Tuesday? YUMA has the vibes for 2015 and all my friends are playing with them too, so there’s really no other choice for me...”

Specially invited guests at the launch included Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism Dr Lincoln Douglas, former president George Max Richards and his family, Tribe bandleaders, Dean Ackin and Monique Nobrega, Fantasy committee members, Sean and Kathryn Inniss and other members of the mas and media fraternity.