Friday, February 23, 2018

'Hair' it is for the holidays


Voluptuous: Voluptuous curls make for gorgeous holiday hair as seen here.

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INDO CUSTOMER: Who said hair weaves were limited to only the Afro-Trinidadian women among us? This Indo-Trinidadian customer wanted thicker hair and that's just what she got via a hair weave.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas — not just at the malls, not even the home but on the heads of women. When it comes to holiday hair you'll be amazed at the lengths women would go to achieve it. They would leave a bill unpaid just to pay for their hair to get done or attached, as in the case of hair extensions.

"The Mohawk and variations of it are still trending", so said hairdresser Stacey Benjamin.

"From locked tresses done up in mile high molds and the "Anya" (buzz cut to the side with long tresses draped to one side) or styled in an up do (like soca singer Faye Ann Alvarez) they all mimic the Mohawk."

Even women with short hair can rock the 'hawk by using hair extensions. 

For the blade-shy among us, Benjamin recommended the faux-hawk — where cornrows or finger waves can be used to replace the buzz cut.

Beautifully long and layered weaves are also trending, Benjamin said and credited this to reality shows like Basketball Wives.

"Big, bouncy, beautiful curls and waves in black, copper and blonde give wearers movie star hair that moves."

Gillian Roberts, an Arouca-based hairdresser and owner of Hair by Gillian, has been busy doing hair weaves since the month began. Even her Indo-Trinidadian clients are adding lengths to their hair, she said, either to enhance their own look or to add body to their already long but thinning hair, in some cases.

The Express contacted Elizabeth John, a former Miss Maja beauty queen and owner of Glam Xpress hair store located at Francis Plaza, Chaguanas, to find out about her weave sales this time of year and found out that women would pay just about anything for the hair they want.

"Women are requesting the Brazilian and Peruvian hair with prices that start from $500 and run into the thousands depending on how many bundles they want," John said.

"There are those who are hesitant about spending this kind of money but they are in the minority. They tend to buy the packed human hair rather than the premium, expensive hair."

Former Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe Danielle Jones, owner of Hair it is, DeVerteuil St,  Woodrook, also noted the trend of premium hair lovers at her store.

"Without question customers are becoming much more focused on quality hair and hair care products," Jones said.

"They are walking in educated — which is great because that's part of why we started our Facebook page to educate and empower customers.

She added that wigs are getting bigger.

"We sold our first set of full lace wigs and have just a few left. These are cut to fit the scalp and are made of 20-inch Brazilian Remy hair. Most women love the Ombré styles (dark roots and light ends)  that are hitting Trinidad after being popular in Hollywood for the past year."

Jones, John and Benjamin emphasised the importance of taking care of one's hair especially when experimenting with different colours, hair pieces and outrageous styles.

"On our Facebook page I have dedicated an entire photo album on foods available locally that can be used to keep one's hair healthy."

Whether you are wearing a sew in weave or wearing your hair natural, John suggests the use of quality oils and moisturisers including Argan Oil, Mixed Chicks range of products for curly hair and  Jamaican Black Castor Oil to treat bald spots and to promote fuller hair.

Regardless of the season, deep condition your hair and avoid excess heat. This can be hard to follow when you're heading out all the time but nothing is worse than having great hair you grew or hair you bought, being fried by over-styling," Jones said.

"I also suggest a good post-holiday trim because nothing's better than starting the year fully healthy.

"I am also the world's biggest fan of Morocaanoil, I believe it is a hair staple and I am convinced it works for all hair types. The deep treatments I love as well and, of course, their amazing shine spray! They are great for all hair types!"

"My advice to the ladies," said Benjamin, "is whatever you do with your hair, whether you're going for edgy or conventional keep at classy and do what's good for your hair....stay clear of styles that compromise the well-being of your own hair, with special attention paid to your hairlines.

"To my fellow wig wearers, please get your lace front hairlines cut by a professional and make sure that if you are using glue, it does not get on your hairlines."

Women can also take the advice of Roberts who believes that holiday hair should be low maintenance to free up the wearer to do other things during this hectic time of year.

"I make and wear my own wigs because I am busy all the time."

Glam Xpress, Hair it Is and Hair by Gillian can all be found on Facebook.