Sunday, January 21, 2018

Grant School Celebrates SEA results

...produces pupils with second highest mark



Donstan Bonn

A COMMITTED staff, supportive parents and God are the ingredients for the continuous success of Grant Memorial Presbyterian Primary School in San Fernando.

Yesterday, principal Monica Baksh said the school was feeling "on top of world" after getting the results from the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination on Wednesday.

Pupil Cameel Juman placed second in the country. Last year, pupil Sandhya Sookhoo placed first. Baksh said: "I have a committed staff, they are really committed to giving the best, their all, and the parent body is very supportive. And of course we thank God each day because we have our full worship session every morning. I believe the combination of those three things is a real recipe of success."

The principal said out of the 150 pupils who wrote the exam, 85 per cent passed for their first choice.

She said over 20 pupils passed for Naparima College and Naparima Girls' High School and 16 will be attending St.Joseph's Convent in September.

Baksh said the school has not yet received the official listing from the Ministry of Education but were told of their success.

She said the school was anxiously awaiting to find out which pupils placed in the top 200.

Yesterday, the school spent the entire day celebrating its success.