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Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Touring St Lucia’s eco-sites

The Caribbean island of St Lucia is promoted as the romantic destination of the region. Its offer of soft adventure, amid the creole lifestyle of its population, lures visitors from countries far and wide to have their weddings, honeymoons and all-out relaxation among the diverse natural locations across the island. The island is also renowned for its annual jazz and arts festival. Read more »

  • ‘Dream Big’” for Decibel 2015

    “Dream Big” is not just one of the ideals of the Republic Bank Decibel Entertainment Conference and Expo, it’s also the name of a special programme that awards worthy talent with both a monetary grant and a life-changing opportunity. This year’s two “Dream Big” beneficiaries filmmaker, Oliver Milne and music producer, Kasey Phillips were announced at the Media Launch of the 2015 Republic Bank Decibel Entertainment Conference and Expo, which was held last Wednesday morning at the Helen May Johnstone Room, Queen’s Hall St Ann’s. Read More »

  • Miss Global T&T this Sunday

    On Sunday, 11 gorgeous young women will engage in a civilised battle that will test beauty and intellect, to see who will emerge as this year’s Miss Global International Trinidad and Tobago (MGITT) Queen. Read More »

  • In the danger zone

    Whether it involves studying volcanic gases and ground deformation in an effort to predict volcanic eruptions, or micronisation studies that seek to form a detailed understanding of how soils respond to earthquakes, research at The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre (The UWI-SRC) is rarely for mere scientific curiosity. The research being pursued is applied science meant to mitigate the risk of living with these hazards. Read More »

  • Standards of care

    What standard of care should you expect when you seek healthcare for your particular concern? Let’s say you are a man over 50 years of age having a urinary problem. You decide to see your doctor because you are getting up a lot at night and you have a weak urinary stream. Generally, your doctor would request you have the following investigations done because this would be regarded as the Standard of Care for these symptoms. Read More »

  • Do you have green nail ?

    What is it? Nail disorders are one of the most popular ailments seen and treated at the Clinic. A green nail is commonly referred to as a fungus infection, but it’s not. A pseudomonal nail infection is sometimes called the “greenies” as it is caused by common household bacteria known as pseudomonas. Read More »

  • More cancer fighters

    This lunchtime wrap is light, easy to digest and just what your body needs. The leafy green patchoi on the outside and packed with fibre and rich in vitamins K and the B inside... These ingredients together help the body fight cancer... Read More »

  • The many tastes of France

    Last Thursday French nationals and lovers of France celebrated France Gastronomy with a menu called Gout de France (Taste of France) throughout the world. Read More »

  • The amazing life of Anand Basdeo

    Educator Anand Basdeo has trained many National Scholarship winners. And his primary school pupils have topped the island in Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination. But before becoming an educator, Basdeo began a musical journey, which led to the launch of his first album last year. Read More »

  • Amalie’s ‘Alpha Goddess’

    “When life throws you a curve ball, don’t be afraid to take a swing. Life’s not going to be easy at the best of times, and it’s about how you respond to those challenges. Face what comes your way with courage, trust yourself to do the best thing you can do, and don’t be afraid to have an open heart. Sometimes, you just have to take the jump without knowing what’s on the other side” said, award-winning author, Amalie Howard (nee Reshma Gosine). Read More »

  • Vive ‘Voila’

    “Dance has taught me many things; the most important one is passion. The more passionate we are about what we do; the more effort, commitment, sacrifice, determination, patience and persistent we will be. All those qualities usually become part of our entire being or lifestyle,” said dancer/choreographer, Candice Clarke. Read More »

  • Matura cleaned up, ready for turtle watchers

    MORE than 250 bags of garbage were collected during the recent annual beach clean-up at Matura Beach. The clean-up exercise was hosted by Nature Seekers who officially opened this year’s turtle nesting season. The organisation is also celebrating its 25 anniversary. A press release from Nature Seekers stated 1,485 volunteered to be part of the event. Read More »

  • Rain thwarts dry season bush fires

    This is one of those welcome years when you can scan the sou­thern face of the western Northern Range and admire the greenery that still prevails. Though drying out slowly from the heat, the scars, bruises and smoky conditions of annual fires are more or less absent so far. This can be attributed to almost daily rainfall in the heart of the dry season. Fires that have been started are quickly extinguished by passing clouds. Read More »

  • Progress on the peninsula

    MOTILAL Ramhit and Sons Co Ltd (MRSCL) is the outfit behind Insite Developers, which was created especially for the Chaguaramas Convention Centre rehabilitation project, Planning Minister Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie has disclosed. Tewarie, answering questions forwarded by the Express via e-mail, said the directors of Insite are also directors of MRSCL. Read More »

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