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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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The case for sunscreen use

Television news weather reports very often include an Ultraviolet Index report. The Ultraviolet Index was originally developed by Canadian scientists James B Kerr, C Thomas McElroy, and David I Wardle (Toronto 1992) of Environment Canada. Read more »

  • Salads for dinner

    Traditionally in the Caribbean, a salad usually makes up a small part of a meal, at the side complementing the rice, peas, meat and pie. Read More »

  • NWAC queens Excel

    Nineteen of the nation’s top female calypsonians on Monday at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s squared off against one another in the finals of the 2015 NWAC National Calypso Queen final. The quality of songs rendered by the women was quite impressive with people commenting that the men will have a hard battle at the National Calypso Monarch competition should even a couple of these women make it through to that battle. Read More »

  • Single pan bands battle in all quarters

    After four gruelling nights of listening to 62 single pan steel orchestras for the 2015 National Panorama Single Pan competition from the various regions of Pan Trinbago, the finding of judges Kenrick Noel, Vorbin Corbin, Tommy Critchlow and Joanna Shortt were revealed on Tuesday morning at City Hall, Port of Spain. Read More »

  • The soca supremacy battle begins

    Well it is all settled, Machel “Monk Montae” Montano will defend his International Power Soca Monarch title and Kerwin DuBois is sitting out the Groovy Soca Monarch competition and will not defend, leaving the door open for anyone to step through and take the title. Read More »

  • Learning through colours

    THERE is an urgent need for children to be informed about their rights and to help them learn about their rights in a creative way, a colouring book was published. Read More »

  • Running through the mountains

    So far so good. The gradient eases, surely the top is near. They are still climbing, even if slightly. This must be a flat top pass. The clouds block the panoramic vista of snow-capped peaks in all directions. Read More »

  • Sweet pan in the East

    Another enthusiastic crowd of pan music lovers flocked the Arima Velodrome on Saturday evening to hear the offerings of 18 Single Pan steel orchestras from the Eastern Region of Pan Trinbago. Read More »

  • St Francois beauties shine

    Young ladies of the St Francois Girls’ College in Belmont put on a show of poise and perfection at the school’s beauty pageant — Epiphany, Building a New Stage — held at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s on January 9. Read More »

  • A Trini tale

    With a flare for witty dialogue and richly detailed prose, Sabrina Ramnanan has crafted an impressive debut novel, the multi-layered tale of a young couple’s tryst that scandalises a Trinidadian village. But the story of how Nothing Like Love came to be—it will hit the bookstores in April—is a good one too, an out-of-nowhere saga that is very unusual in the publishing world. Read More »

  • A second chance at life

    FEW of us could have endured what Romel Ravello has been through. For six years, between the ages of 11- 17, Ravello lived on the streets of Port of Spain. He was just 15 years old when a stranger threw acid on his face while he slept on a bench in Queen’s Park Savannah in the early morning hours one day in September 2004. Read More »

  • Evaluating your prescribed health plan

    You’ve gone to see your doctor because you have developed a problem. Maybe you are having difficulty urinating or a problem with high blood sugar or high blood pressure. You are prescribed a treatment plan based on your doctor’s assessment and if for example you are diagnosed with high blood sugar (Diabetes) you are generally given a tablet to take to lower your abnormally high blood sugar level and sometimes it will be combined with injections of insulin. How do you know the prescribed treatment is working for you? Read More »

  • What is charcot foot?

    Charcot foot is a deformity that results from nerve damage (neuropathy) in the foot or ankle. The nerve damage causes a loss of sensation that increases the risk of injury to the feet. When the foot is repeatedly injured, the weight-bearing joints start breaking down. Read More »

  • Changing image through the arts

    By now the population of the country should be quite aware that “behind the bridge”, aka East Port of Spain, is not a place where bandits are churned out the daily. Read More »

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