Indian Arrival Day

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Indian Arrival Day Headlines

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     1 - The History of Indian Arrival Day

    This year marks the 169th Anniversary of the arrival of Indian indentured workers to Trinidad and Tobago. Click here to access our fact file from 1845 to present.

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    2 - A Historical Perspective


    Wednesday, May 30,1945 was a memorable day for East Indians in Trinidad and Tobago. On that historic day, some 10,000 souls had assembled opposite the Town Hall on Harris Promenade, San Fernando, to celebrate the centenary of the arrival of the first East Indian labourers from India. On May 25, there will be a re-enactment of what took place on Nelson Island when the first 225 labourers had arrived from India on the Fatel Razack. 

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    3 - Share with us what Indian Arrival Day means to you as our nation celebrates its 169th Anniversary on May 30th!


    Kern Carter: It celebrates the arrival of a fundamental aspect of our culture. Though we may not always be able to get by the political perpetuation of racial differences, it is hard to think of Trinidad and Tobago without the contributions of those who came to our shores approximately 169 years ago. Persons like Cola Rienzi, V.S. Naipaul, Drupatee Ramgoonai, Riki Jai, Ivan Kalicharan and Rudrinath Capildeo; who made significant contributions culturally, politically and socially have aided in the creation of the structure in which we are so fortunate to be part of. The foods, the festivals and the friends for which we can all be thankful for today are all reasons to celebrate this date as well as cherish our brothers and sisters that make our country STILL the sweetest place in the world!!!!! via Facebook

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    4 - Trinidad Express Indian Arrival Day Special Project Supplement


    Take a look at the Special Project the Trinidad Express published in celebration of the 150 years of the arrival of the Indian's to the shores of Trinidad.

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    5 - Historical Facts on Indian Arrival Day 1995


    Leaving India: The Pain of the Journey from the Far East to the West. Crossing the Kala Pani (Dark Waters) by Andra Madoo. On the 16th February 1845, the Fatal Razack, which means Victory for Allah, set sail from the docks off the city of Calcutta destined for the Caribbean. 

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    6 - 3rd Generation Family Reunion - Indian Arrival Day (2000)

    From the TV6 News archive back in 2000 during the 7PM newscast where Gregory Lalbeharry filed a report on the descendants of families of indentured labourers who arrived in Trinidad 25 years after the first batch of labourers arrived had a big reunion. 

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    7 - Infographics: The journey from India to the new world


    Chart the course the Fatal Razack took back in 1845 on their journey to the new land.

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    8 - Rare Indian Arrival archival photos

    Rare, historical photos from the National Archives that chart the journey, the labourers and the documents that make up part of the history of Indian Arrival Day Celebrations in Trindad & Tobago.

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    9 - The manifest of first indentured labourers to come to Trinidad


    Click to view the manifest 

    10 - The Genesis of Doubles

    Mamoo Deen, Shortly afterward, they diversified the product line by introducing spicy boiled-and-fried chana, which they called goognee and which they also sold in the funnel-shaped packs. They then introduced boiled curried chana, which was sold from an enamel bowl in the basket, spooned out on brown Hercules paper cut to size. This was the genesis of Doubles. MamooDeen’s “wet and dry chana” became his updated street cry. The encouraging sales motivated him to experience further with curried chana. 

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Indian Arrival Day Headlines


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