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Functions and mechanics of govt

A PECULIAR irony could be emerging in Trinidad and Tobago, where a prime minister who moved to limit her own hold and control over political power, has been made even stronger by a renewed public trust. Read More »

A victory for the ‘vanquished’

I followed much of the debates in the Parliament on the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2014 and have concluded that the outcome, from the standpoint of the People’s Partnership, can be described only as “pyrrhic’’ , i.e. “a victory costing more to the victor than to the vanquished”. Read More »

A minority, majority puzzle

The 18:12 majority vote in the Senate is interesting as it camouflages the 6:3 vote on the Independent bench. Read More »

Entering uncharted waters without a life jacket

During the debate of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2014 in the House of Representatives, the Government stoutly and vehemently defended its proposal for the introduction of a run-off election Read More »

Approval of reform proposals based on party supporters

The three different sections of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2014 have mixed support depending on party affiliation, according to preliminary findings of an ongoing survey being conducted on the bill by this writer. Read More »

Pathway to progress

Constitutional reform has been on the back burner for every prime minister who Trinidad and Tobago has ever had since our Independence in 1962. It’s heart-warming to see at least one Government has taken the bold step to move this forward. Read More »

The average voter not stupid, Senator

I refer to the contribution of Senator Anthony Vieira who spoke on Thursday as the last of the Independent senators speaking on the Constitution (Amendment) 2014 Bill. Read More »

Run-off amendment sets stage for confusion

The controversial re-run/run-off amendment is mathematically misleading and problematic. Read More »

Any number can play in that second poll

I followed the Senate debate on the parliamentary channel on the Constitution Amendment Bill and what was passed does not meet the UNC’s requirement that members of the House of Representatives must be elected by at least 50 per cent of the votes. I summarise my understanding of the bill approved by the Senate as follows: Read More »

What ‘voice of the people’?

My intention is not to cast aspersions upon the decision of the three Independent senators who found it prudent to support the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, involving significant changes to the supreme law of the land...in particular, the inclusion of the highly controversial run-off amendment which debilitates our well-established first-past-the-post, electoral process. Read More »

My role in the run-off debate

I write in response to “The dubious reformation of our Henry” by Rawle Boland in yesterday’s Express. Mr Boland wrote I “forfeited [my] perch, sadly, as a promising neutral pundit”. Read More »

Combine efforts to help boys

I write to agree with Dr David Subran’s comments (Express, August 26) on Kevin Baldeosingh’s article on the underachievement of boys (Sunday Express, August 24). Read More »

Majority is oppressing me

What has been termed majority rule is, in actuality, the tyranny of the majority and has its basis the “divine right of kings”, now known as the “divine right of the majority”. Read More »

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