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Baby grant will help level the playing field

From another perspective, the slapdown of the baby grant is really an example of eugenics at work. Eugenics essentially encourages only the upper class to procreate and the poor be neutered. The baby grant cannot be viewed in horror or isolation. Read More »

Can those armoured vehicles solve our crime problem?

Will someone explain the specific issue that is being addressed through the proposed acquisition of armoured personnel vehicles? I have tried to follow arguments offered by Minister Gary Griffith in several television interviews but unfortunately I have been unable to make the connection between the proposed acquisition and a specific threat and/or issue. Read More »

An example of lawlessness

I refer to a letter in the Express (September 12) headlined: “Give school traffic plan a chance” from Inga Serrette Fletcher. Ms Serrette-Fletcher’s red herring approach of using children’s education as an excuse to take this dispute off topic will not deter residents who have a right to voice their concerns and agree or disagree with the traffic headaches in their neighbourhood. Read More »

Do so, ent ...

Regarding Dr Rowley’s comment about the HDC board minutes that were sent to a newspaper the erstwhile Leader of the Opposition had this to say “Who sent you that”? “Why should i be answering to some faceless person from the HDC who is anonymously making accusations (against) me? Read More »

Yes, there are better ways to help babies with $500

THE EDITOR: Au contraire! There are many better ways to spend $500. I’m afraid you have got it wrong. I am afraid the Express editorial of September 12 got it wrong Read More »

PM can do a ‘Houdini’ too on the Armstrong Report

The Minister of Communications told the nation that the Prime Minister cannot agree to keep her promise to put on hold and review the Debe to Mon Desir Highway. Read More »

Morne Diablo needs an urgent facelift

On behalf of the respective villagers, fishermen, farmers, drivers, tourists and general users of the Morne Diablo Road and beach facilities I make a solemn plea to please widen, pave the roadway and upgrade the facilities at Morne Diablo Beach. It is only about five miles from the main road. Read More »

Commercial interests inflicting slow death on lower Maraval

I would like to thank the Express for the visibility it has given to an ongoing challenge in lower Maraval in relation to community commercialisation. Read More »

Turnaround for T&T beyond the budget

After briefly flashing through our $65 billion (deficit) budget and considering what our society has become over the last 15 to 20 years, budget after budget, I sometimes wonder what have we really gained, apart from new buildings, roads and the ever-increasing welfare programmes. Read More »

No regard for pedestrians

On a recent trip to Port of Spain, while walking on the pavement on Charlotte Street, in the vicinity of a popular cosme­tics store, I noticed a man on a truck throwing boxes to another who placed them inside the store. This was happening even while people were passing between them. Read More »

Armoured what?

I think the Minister of National Security and his advisers are watching too much television. Where in Trinidad and Tobago is there a need for armoured vehicles? Are we in a situation like Afghanistan, Iraq or Somalia, or is it we expect to be there soon? Did ISIS purchase some plane tickets to T&T? Read More »

Residents, school can find a solution

I have looked on with amazement at the happenings related to the proposed operations of the Arbor School in Maraval. The stance taken by a small group of residents is shocking, to say the least. I live in Maraval and hold no court for either of the two parties. My problem with the issue is this group of residents has shown no inclination towards resol­ving the matter. They are just intent on stopping the school. Read More »

Armoured vehicles won’t stop murder spree

Which one of us is brave and bold enough to point out to our Sandhurst-trained Minister of National Security that the gangsters in Laventille and other so-called hotspots will continue to kill each other regardless of which government is in power and how many armoured vehicles may be out on patrol? Their little mini wars are “personal”—absolutely nothing to do with the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition. Read More »

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