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Police Service has nothing to show

Yesterday we marked 300 days since the murder of Dana’s Seetahal. One would have thought that with a $3.5 million reward being posted from day one, someone would have stepped forward. Read More »

Exodus is boss

This is the first time I feel so very compelled and moved to comment on the National Panoram­a results for the large bands. Read More »

What message are we sending?

I note the media coverage of Venezuelan P­resident Nicolas M­aduro’s visit (apparently with a very large entourage) has been extremely positive, framed in terms of reciprocal economic advantage and even some sort of political or social solidarity. Read More »

Cameron, go back to Twitter

THIS is an open letter to WICB president Dave Cameron: Read More »

Fire officers help in so many ways

A few days ago, while at the mass gathering outside the Chief Personnel Officer’s office, a young lady passed and said, “0h, oh, oh” and then turned to her friend and said, “what Fire Service does do? But they always asking for more money!” Read More »

No joy flowing in Hololo

I would love to see an advertisement with the headline, “Celebrating the joy now flowing in Hololo”. The citizens of Hololo Mountain Road are longing to big up WASA for a 24/7 water supply. Read More »

Looking for a leader to take us forward

Is there really a need for a third party in Trinidad and Tobago? Is our country so large in population and geography that a third choice is necessary to represent another group? If there are currently two main political parties who have their core bases strategically set up since pre-Independence, how can a third party realistically wedge itself between? History has not been kind to third parties. In terms of support they have some influence collectively, but not enough spread out to win seats, which is what fundamentally matters. Read More »

Full cooperation from our company

An extract from the Express editorial of January 29 reads: Read More »

Time to catch up by enforcing road rules

It’s time the Police Service enforce law and order on the roads, with “enforce” being the operative word. It’s a relief and a great step forward to see so many police patrol vehicles on the roads these days but as we can see, and I hope that the acting Commissioner of Police sees as well, that while it is an excellent step forward much more needs to be done to make people observe the law. Read More »

Add value to Carnival by spreading the prize money

This year, The Cropper Foundation with funding from the German Embassy created a new category for the Children’s Carnival competitions. They gave $40,000 in prize money for winning costumes depicting environmental themes. There are plans to develop and make this an annual programme, which would increase the children’s awareness of the environment and the challenges we face with this. Read More »

Creativity gone, along with spectators

Once upon a time there was the Trinidad Carnival of Stephen Lee Heung, Peter Minshall, Wayne Berkley and the like. There was creativity, imagination, colour, presentation, anticipation, excitement, sweet calypso, pan and soca music. The Grand Stand at the Queen’s Park Savannah was always filled and the North Stand had its spectators. Read More »

Good bartering deal with Venezuela

While many would have focused on the landmark agreement between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela for the exploitation of the Manakin-Cocuina hydrocarbon field, I think the decision to pursue commodity sharing is an even more important quantum leap forward for local business and the country as a whole. Read More »

Heed call of citizens for elections

Timing is everything. Although the prescribed maximum time under our parliamentary system is five years, leaders are not bound to wait and may call elections whenever “the time is right”. Read More »

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