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Preserve the positive part of LifeSport

The structure that was LifeSport has been broken down and members of the public are clamouring for the pieces to be thrown away. But let us not be too hasty. Read More »

Get two for one in 2015

It’s my considered opinion that every­one interested in seeing the back of this Government after the next election should immediately cease and desist from calling on the Prime Minister to fire Anil Roberts or for him to resign. Read More »

Waiting for the next fiasco

The major theme of the minister’s defence in the LifeSport fiasco that he is not accountable, but that the Ministry of Sport’s implementers are, leaves us with the proposition that this can happen again, and that he or another minister will have no idea and, of course, the minister shall bear no culpability. Read More »

Please save our library in Chaguanas

It is with a sense of déjà vu that I reluctantly pen this letter. However, as a retired librarian who has lived the valued and influential impact of libraries on our young population, in particular, I was moved to add my voice to the public despair being expressed in an executive decision to once more replace an almost comple­ted, purpose-built information facility to a penal institution, in the case of Chaguanas. Read More »

T&T needs a life jacket not a LifeSport

Sometimes I wonder if the epitome of apathy resides within the borders of Trinidad, where citizens by their passive resistance to political corruption and crime indirectly endorse their own complicity. It is as if by our inaction we pave the road for these injustices to infinitely continue. Read More »

Connecting thread a cause for concern

It would appear that the People’s Partnership’s infamous and corruption-riddled LifeSport, the PNM’s $55 million secret scholarship programme and Patrick Manning’s dining, wining and meeting with the criminal fringe dubbed community leaders all have a connecting thread of secrecy, favouritism, gaining electoral spin-offs and rewarding the criminal element to a lesser extent. Read More »

Minister Roberts has to step down

Anil Roberts is trying to save his job which is threatened, and his reputation is in tatters. He has referred to some questionable constitutional doctrines about the relationship between ministers and senior public servants. Read More »

Make coconut oil affordable to all

I noted with interest the Prime Minister’s offer of 20 per cent discount on flour, rice and oil with the stated intention of “making it easier for people to afford healthier food for their families”. Healthier food? Polyunsaturated soybean oil? Wheat (flour) and white rice? Read More »

Why is Mr Roberts still Minister of Sport?

Three Government ministers, in the space of ten days—the Minister of Justice on July 15 and the Minister of Sport and the Prime Minister on July 25—have laid the blame for unacceptable performance of departments of Government squarely at the feet of public servants. Are they right? Read More »

Just like Pontius Pilate...

It is generally taught in business schools that when something goes wrong in an organisation, the chief executive officer is responsible! This premise does not seem to hold in Trinidad and Tobago. Read More »

Under the ‘political carpet’?

I read most of the articles in yesterday’s Sunday Express concerning the findings of the audit of the LifeSport programme. Many refer to the misuse and mismanagement of State funds. Read More »

Failure of the father

One day a man decided he wanted to have a child and he did, very proudly, but he left the child to grow up on its own. He did not live up to his responsibilities as a father. Read More »

Ask them, Mr Minister

The Minister of Sport should ask the “poor, young black boys” what they did with five years of secondary education, the opportunity for free craft training, free tertiary education up to PhD. Jeffrey Lewis via e-mail Read More »

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