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Govt must settle 1990 debt for all

I refer to Raoul Pantin’s article, “Settle the 1990 debt now” (Express, July 9). There is a serious flaw in Mr Pantin’s article which seems to focus on a particular type of coup victim as the writer did not mention other persons (a business is a person in law) who have suffered both directly and indirectly as a result of the 1990 attempted coup. Read More »

Noise violating my home and space

Noise pollution continues to be a serious problem because of the abject failure of many different persons who have for too long been insulting the intelligence of law-abiding citizens. Read More »

T&T’s second hand gift for Mr Mandela

The re-naming of King George V Park has put me in mind of the chorus of a song that says, “memories don’t leave like people do, they always stay with you whether they’ve been good or bad, they were something that we had’’. Read More »

Finally, a crime plan that is working

Anyone who favours turning back the clock to put out soldiers from patrolling Laventille for political reasons is a bandit and a murderer. Read More »

Clear the air on removal of T&T from Red Steel

The Minister of Sport has taken considerable time and has infused significant effort to explain the reason for the removal of the country’s name from the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Red Steel cricket team. Read More »

Amend law so soldiers can search

Allow me to comment on the irony of this situation regarding soldier patrols. Read More »

Robbing us of lifelong learning

It was disturbing to read the comments made by the president of the Greater Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mr Sirjoo, when he referred to the Chaguanas Public Library as a white elephant. Read More »

Run St Michael’s like a home, not a jail

I have been following with great concern the increasingly disturbing reports about the operations of the St Michael’s Home for Boys. The use of the word “Home,” in the name of the institution in and of itself is inappropriate. The placement of at-risk boys in an institution run like a prison; that appears to lack policies, procedures, operating systems and standards of care, is negatively compounded by the fact that the “keepers” have little or no educational background, training and philosophy in care and service. Read More »

Send them to foreign safe homes

It is crystal clear we are incapable of taking care of the young men of the St Michael’s Home for Boys. And while we begin the traditional finger-pointing exercise, the boys will continue to suffer in ways we may never even know. Read More »

No respect for humanity

the extent to which dishonesty pervades official circles today is alarming. Aphorisms such as “honesty is the best policy”, “all men are equal”, the “rule of law”, “equal justice for all”, “democracy”, “no one is above the law”—these are dead! Read More »

Mistake to change name

Changing the name of King George V Park to Nelson Mandela Park was yet another a bad choice, similar to changing the name of Marine Square to Independence Square. In the latter case, Woodford Square was the obvious choice for a name-change, as that was where much of the song and dance about independence took place. Read More »

Scrapping new library a backward step

Oppression is when privileged people use their position to undermine the rights of others. Democratic governments should prevent oppression however, at times the State apparatus becomes the instrument of oppression. Read More »

Crocodile tears over Palladium

So many persons are posting on social media how sad they are that Palladium cinema is closing—but how many of them continued to support Globe and its sister movie houses after the multiplexes opened? I can proudly say that I have never been to the multiplexes (even though I live close to one) and I have been to IMax just once. Read More »

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