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Our best chance at reform

An effective local government system brings decision-making closer to the people and by this very characteristic allows for these decisions to be needs-based. It fosters the social networking that is the premise of the term “social capital”. This term suggests that individual value is intrinsically tied to collective value and inclines people to do things for each other with the confidence that their doing will be reciprocated. Read More »

Biggest clue of all

I refer to Mark Bassant’s story “Murder by text” in the Express of May 1. Now, let me state at the outset that I am neither an expert in the English language nor in gangster talk, but that a gangster would use phrases the likes of “She’s leaving now ” and “Nearing Wrightson Road,” and “She’s nearing the spot,” Read More »

Guidelines for flying the national flag

I would like to commend NJAC for suggesting the formation of the National Diversity and Social Integration Ministry although the Prime Minister did not see it fit to have NJAC personnel head that ministry. But the good work of that ministry should be continued when Dr Rowley’s government takes office. Read More »

Do we need SRPs in 2015?

With respect to the issues surrounding the Special Reserve Police (SRPs), I have just read that the Police Service Social and Welfare Association is advocating the use of polygraph testing to improve the recruitment process. Read More »

Is T&T ready for a big earthquake?

I had some structural work to do at my home recently. A guy came, saying he was a contractor. He asked me to borrow a measuring tape. First impressions are lasting. With the type of builders we have in this country, after a job has been completed, you cannot recommend any of them. True or false? There should be a public list of delinquent contractors. Read More »

Doctors, we can do better

I write this letter as a member of the medical profession who cannot sit back and silently witness the travesty being played out in the wake of our most recent spate of maternal deaths. Read More »

Mismanagement of economy worrying

The following is a brief extract from Moody’s 2015 outlook report on Trinidad and Tobago: Read More »

Govt on a very slippery slope

Trinidad and Tobago is downgraded by Moody’s Investors and our Central Bank Governor says they have got it wrong. So whom to believe? Read More »

Can we apply for visas as gay married couple?

of International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) 2015, my same-sex partner and I would like to visit New York together so I can introduce her to my family. Read More »

New drug war strategy needed

The May 2 edition of the respected magazine, The Economist, has a very penetrating article on the illegal drugs situation with an article headlined, “The wars don’t work.” It observed that “as one war on drugs ends, another is starting” and “it will be a failure, too.” This may be a rather pessimistic view but it is realistic. Read More »

Sad T&T

It is sad to see that even with the recent riots in Baltimore for police brutality, we as Trinidadians can’t wake up and smell the coffee. Read More »

No more games with election date

The folly of the a sitting prime minister pussyfooting around with the election date must stop after this election. Read More »

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