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Road laws with no enforcement

I would like to draw to the attention of the public the number of road fatalities plaguing our nation. The number seems to be starting to resemble the murder rate and that is indeed a scary thought. Read More »

BBC is worse

I refer to an article headlined “Hollywood news” by Tennyson Joseph in the Express of Febuary 21 courtesy the Barbados Nation. Read More »

None so blind as he who will not see, Mr Maraj

Having read the views of Ralph Maraj regarding former prime minister Patrick Manning (“Thank you, Sir”, Express, February 17) I feel obliged to remind him of an alternative view of Mr Manning. Mr Maraj lauds the accomplishments of Mr Manning among which are the building projects—NAPA, Hyatt, Government Campus and the Diplomatic Centre. Mr Maraj is either suffering from severe memory loss or has conveniently lost the power of recall in order to idolise his former leader. Read More »

In defence of Gary Griffith

I try to acknowledge the good deeds of persons I encounter in my journey through my long life and I’d like to acknowledge Gary Griffith for an excellent job as our minister of national security. Read More »

Gambling with workers’ lives

Why is there a dearth of industrial standards in this country? Why was a 16-year-old schoolboy employed on a construction site only to end up as just another statistic when he is crushed to death? Didn’t his school teacher notice his absence and report it to the principal? Read More »

13-week teacher holidays a myth

As a teacher of over 20 years, I am really tired and fed up with the general public making erroneous statements about the 13 weeks of “holidays” that teachers get every year. I would like everyone to know that teachers do not get holidays, the children do. I reiterate—teachers do not have 13 weeks of vacation. Read More »

Exodus really excelled

Republic Bank Exodus won the People’s Choice on Panorama night by a huge margin (hundreds) yet five judges placed them third in the overall competition and to compound the situation, tied them with two others who were nowhere near to Exodus in terms of execution. In my humble view and according to my somewhat trained musical ear, Exodus won Panorama 2015 ahead of the repetitious music of All Stars and Phase II. This was also evident by “the voice of de people”. Read More »

Executor, Atilla and Radio

The article by Prof Bridget Brereton (“The price of conscience”, Express, February 26) on the part played by Howard Nankivell in Brinsley Samaroo’s book brought to mind calypsoes of the 30s by Lord Executor and Atilla the Hun. Read More »

Lack of accounting by State CEOs

On Friday last, the Minis­ter in the Ministry of Finance and the Economy, in response to a question posed by a member of the Opposition, revealed the handsome compensation packages of the CEOs of a few State companies and agencies. Read More »

Dirty job to clean up WASA

To clean up WASA (Water and Sewerage Authority) is an “Augean task’’, it means a job so dirty and huge, no one can hope to succeed at it. Ironic, isn’t it? Water and dirty. Read More »

No value to human life anymore

As a Trinidadian, I must say that I am disappointed with the current state of affairs. Read More »

When can I reapply for my tourist visa?

Question: My current tourist visa doesn’t expire for another six months, when should I apply for my new visa? Read More »

Police Service has nothing to show

Yesterday we marked 300 days since the murder of Dana’s Seetahal. One would have thought that with a $3.5 million reward being posted from day one, someone would have stepped forward. Read More »

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