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Disappointed by Senator Balgobin’s stance

I write this letter with much pain and concern for our democracy, civil order and structure of our society. I listened to the debate in the Upper House from its beginning to the adjournment at 10.30 p.m. Most of the arguments were cogent based on the side of the argument that the senator was trying to postulate and this was quite satisfying. Read More »

May every creed and race find an equal place

This is a time for reflection. Some 52 years on, we are yet to fulfil the Independence dream of weaving the diverse strands that constitute Trinidad and Tobago into a cohesive nation state. Read More »

A tribute to Ainsley Mark

Many have been the glowing and deserving tributes which have been offered in memory of the late Ainsley Albert Mark who departed this life on Tuesday, August 19 after he had served the “allotted three score and ten” last April. Read More »

Why do the polls differ?

We note the comments made by several parties about the Market Facts & Opinions (MFO) poll conducted last week and the comparison made with the MORI poll. This is our official response: Read More »

Consequences should fit actions

Since the infamous “Watergate” scandal in the 1970s, the suffix “-gate” has since become synonymous with political scandals in the United States and in other English- and non-English-speaking countries as well. At home here in Trinidad and Tobago, emailgate is the hot topic. Read More »

Destroying lives

False accusations and gossip can destroy lives, even if the accused is innocent—worse yet, if one’s reputation is under attack. Sometimes, there is no way you can erase what has happened. Even though the accusations may be unfair and untrue, the situation remains real. Read More »

No ‘uh’ on BBC

I note from Page 19 of yesterday’s Express the winners of the 2013 Caribbean Broadcasting Awards and note, not unsurprisingly, an absence of winners from Trinidad and Tobago. Read More »

How to help boys do better at school

I deeply appreciated Kevin Baldeosingh’s report in the Sunday Express of August 24 headlined, “Why are our boys underperforming in school?” Both lecturers consulted provided excellent ideas. However, I did not agree that by simply increasing the number of male teachers will have any impact on male achievement. Many research projects in the published literature failed to find any significant improvement to male academic achievement under male teachers. Read More »

Unfair attack on social programmes

So here it is that the international lending agencies—all agents of Washington—more wittingly than not in seeing the forest while blind to the trees—are renewing their chorus of tired criticisms of this country’s “social expenditure” and their nagging complaints of “excessive” spending on “transfers and subsidies”. Read More »

Devil is in those details

A poll reportedly done for the Government two weeks ago says 70 per cent of people support a right of recall and 55 per cent support term limits for prime ministers. Read More »

Onwards soldier...

Something is forever being lost or found, being born or dying! It illustrates the timeless culminate or manifesting construct that binds Life itself in a cognitive modem. Read More »

Our prime ministers wield too much power

“She should be magnanimous in victory.” This is the online Oxford Dictionary example of how the word “magnanimous” is used. The meaning of “magnanimous”, according to this dictionary is: “Generous or forgiving, especially towards a rival or less powerful person”. Read More »

Petrotrin needs to ‘man up’

The recent report of another oil spill should rouse alarm bells among the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. The mishaps of earlier this year were never adequately explained. There was a series of articles in this newspaper which seemed to suggest serious managerial deficiencies. Read More »

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