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Why celebrate that Strike Squad failure?

Overshadowed by the events of last week which included the tragic flooding of south west Trinidad and the ongoing controversy of the President’s housing allowance, was the reported celebration of the Strike Squad’s legacy of November 19, 1989. What legacy? Read More »

Wash away the confusion, Mr Ganesh

Roger Ganesh, director of highways and the lead field engineer surveying the damage to 500 metres of the Manzanilla-Mayaro Road, presents an astonishingly bewildered picture of a mind utterly displaced by floodwaters rushing seawards from the Nariva Swamp. All the philosophical issues of progress are raised in this one 2014 event. Read More »

That scent is sky high

RECENTLY much has been said about the quantum the Caribbean Airlines (CAL) CEO receives in salary and other perks and benefits. One thing that has always bothered me after many years of using this airline is the constant odour of stale urine in its toilets. This is present even before a flight takes off from the airport when it may be assumed that this facility is at its cleanest. Read More »

Time to move on

So it is the 25th anniversary of the Strike Squad’s failure to qualify for this country’s first World Cup finals. Thanks Strike Squad, but we need to move on. I hope it’s the last I am hearing about this. Read More »

Questions for new Integrity Commission head

There is so much in our small country which is wrong that a credible and respected Integrity Commission can put right. So I sit and ponder why is it the newly appointed chairman, retired judge Zainool Hosein, has adopted this defensive and authoritarian posture from the inception of his appointment. Read More »

Path-breaking surgery at San Fernando General

It would be remiss of me not to comment publicly on the recent lifesaving surgery and high level aftercare a member of my congregation experienced at the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH). To remain silent in the midst of such bounty is to miss a unique opportunity to provide a fillip to those who serve within the healthcare system. Read More »

Can I study on a tourist visa?

Question: I’m interested in studying in the US. Can I use my current tourist visa? Read More »

Challenging Industrial Court powers

I recall when the Industrial Court was being conceived, there was a specific objective to minimise, and in some cases prohibit, appeals against its judgments, in Read More »

Petty perceptions

The victory of the 68 trade union workers against NP (National Petroleum) in the Industrial Court may send as dramatic a message as the popular movie 300. Read More »

Inept at infrastructure

The recent debate about appropriate accommodation for our President seems to have taken a narrow view. Read More »

Far ahead in the race

It’s very interesting to observe that many letters in the press are written with the hope of creating the perception that the People’s Patnership Government’s term in office is coming to an end. Read More »

The President has been disadvantaged

I read the letter of Kenneth Lalla in the newspaper and was amazed that he missed a salient point about the President’s housing allowance of $28,000. He made reference to the main issue but treated it as a side show. Read More »

Carmona should be exempted from making refund

During the last couple of weeks there has been a lot of controversy in the print media, TV, radio and talk shows on the President’s housing allowance. Read More »

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