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Blame PM too for vile display

Is this where our politics has descended to? Read More »

Abusing Parliament with weapon of rape

When Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar stated she was to “unleash the dogs of war”, few would have thought she was referring to Mrs Vernella Alleyne-Toppin (“Rowley a child of rape”, Express, March 25), and even fewer would have countenanced something as serious as rape would be used so flippantly and maliciously, in an attempt to impugn the character of a fellow MP and Leader of the Opposition. Read More »

The day I was hurt deep inside

March 25, 2015, will go down as the day I wept about something that was simply revolting. That thing hurt me deep, deep inside. I just couldn’t understand why. Read More »

Vernella a shame and disgrace to all

Abysmal! That’s the depth to which Vernella “Shoppin-Toppin” went on Wednesday, March 25, 2015, in the once august House of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago. It is unlikely she would be able to scrape up the fragments of her integrity and self-respect from the dung heap which she has scavenged to pull that repugnant stunt. Read More »

We can’t wait on Govt to solve our problems

Failure to diagnose the root cause of an issue keeps us in bondage and constantly surprised. To be dazzled by the symptoms is the mark of a novice physician. Yet as a country we keep doing so, we pontificate without reflection but hope to become First World in our way of life. The response to the police actions this week typifies this approach. Read More »

Someone should be held accountable

The traffic gridlock caused by “legitimate” police action on Monday was most unfortunate in severa­l ways. We are all aware of the tremendous loss of valuable time and productivity, not to mention the untold stress people (including children) were forced to endure for several hours Read More »

Minister looking weak

In the effort to bolster the Prime Minister’s reputation as a strong and decisive leader, the United National Congress spin team seems to be unaware or just doesn’t care that this strategy has the effect of making her ministers look weak, indecisive and ineffectual. Read More »

Advice for Ramdin and the team

Denesh Ramdin earned the captaincy of the Test team after about a year and a half of consistently good middle order batting, and the recognition by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) that a captain should command automatic selection as a player. Like all batsmen, Ramdin has weaknesses. The one that does him in most often is his apparent inability to deal with the fast inswinger pitched just outside off-stump. Read More »

A deliberate act to create chaos and confusion

There was near universal outrage at Satnarine Maharaj’s recent suggestion that there are deliberate attempts at sabotage in the country’s public sector. Read More »

Oppose the no-confidence motion; just stay away

So the Government is all set to employ valuable parliamentary time and resources to peddle its no-confidence motion in the Opposition Leader. Read More »

It’s police style of tyre burning

It has become the norm to get what we want by burning tyres in the road. Read More »

We need new leaders for a better country

We all know that the doctor of a cat is a vet and the doctor of a “cyat” is a gynaecologist. Let’s not play games or innocence here. Read More »

Working class the victim in police pay dispute

Many citizens endured an arduous commute to work yesterday morning owing to “road blocks” across the country by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. Read More »

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