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What does London’s ‘self-govt’ entail?

Former British prime minister Gordon Brown, speaking on the eve of the referendum in Scotland to decide whether to separate from the United Kingdom or not, says, “Let no neo nationalist put asunder what we have built together.” Read More »

Grant was well within his right

According to Reginald Dumas, former head of the Public Service, Christophe Grant should have cleared his name quietly in the issue concerning the correspondence to Wayne Kublalsingh. Read More »

Chief State Solicitor didn’t follow protocol

I wish to agree with Reginald Dumas’s comments as reported in the Express of September 17 (“Dumas: Grant should have cleared his name quietly”), where former head of the Public Service Dumas said Chief State Solicitor Christophe Grant should have taken quiet steps to clear his name. Read More »

Rethink laptop plan

I wish to endorse the stance by MP Patricia McIntosh about the improper and lack of use of the laptops by our pupils. Read More »

Accused ‘did not object’ to being taken for questioning

The Vindra Naipaul-Coolman murder trial got off to a running start at the Port of Spain High Court yesterday after six weeks of no hearings due to the closure of the last law term. Upon the continuation of the matter before Justice Malcolm Holdip, the first State witness to be called was former deputy police commissioner Mervyn Richardson, followed by homicide detective Supt Jason Forde. Read More »

Tips to help prevent violence in schools

“An increase in daily police patrols at schools and installation and repair of surveillance cameras at schools are two of the immediate actions to be implemented to curb the growing number of incidents of school violence and to strengthen secu­rity measures at our nation’s schools.” Read More »

Holly, my mentor and teacher

I was privileged to be a student of the Announcer’s Broadcast Aca­demy, of which Holly Thomas was the owner/director back in the 90s. I attended classes in Diego Martin. There, Holly was my mentor and, together with the professional assistance of Winston Maynard and Barbara Assoon, prepared me for the world of broadcasting. Read More »

Recipients of NIS pension worse off

The Government, in its infinite wisdom, recently raised their over age 65 monthly pension payment from $3,000 to $3,500 and we are all happy for the recipients of this gesture. However, recipients of the monthly NIS (National Insurance) pension were not so lucky and their take-home cheques remained at $3,000. Read More »

WI could surprise India and S Africa

Those who pay close attention to West Indies cricket would agree during the last five years or so, there have been several cricketers in the region who can be fairly described as skilful. The Windies have men around the team now who know the game. Read More »

Are we getting closer to ‘safer’?

Policing is a thankless job: it is a task that society palms off on the officers hoping that we will be able to sleep and live in peace. The more our peace is disturbed, the more money is given even as our demands for results increase. Now we seem prepared to let them kill; we have deaths by the police hands equal to ten per cent of murders. After spending $37 billion in four years, do we as a nation feel safer? Read More »

Whom do we believe?

Would it be a surprise if senior officials use the recently purchased armoured vehicles to go to work in as much as, according to the Minister of National Security, they are meant to protect the passengers on the inside? Read More »

Bring on flexitime for public servants

I wish to put forward to the Government a proposal to legislate flexible working hours for public servants who endure the torturous traffic in the daily commute from South to Port of Spain. Read More »

Proud and fearful in sweet T&T

Disquiet, concern, discomfort. These are some words to describe my feelings when I read on Monday’s news that the Chief State Solicitor had penned a letter to Dr Wayne Kublalsingh concerning the highway re-route issue. As I read excerpts from the letter concern transformed to horror. A senior civil servant, an attorney! Read More »

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