Wednesday, February 21, 2018

$34m is enough to start fixing the flooding problem

 Once again I must comment on flooding, in particular at South Quay, Port of Spain, which to me seems to be the simplest one to solve.

I wrote previously advising of preparation for the rainy season which took all of seven months to arrive, yet the authorities were once again not prepared for it. 

Is it that the solution is so technical that it cannot be accomplished? I think not when I look around at the many technical “wonders” of the world that man has achieved. 

Why then can’t we solve this apparently simple problem? What is so difficult in putting a seawall to the left of the Lighthouse and dredging the area to create a “pool” to collect floodwaters from South Quay? 

Of course there must be sluice-gates to release the water into the sea when the tide is low. I didn’t think I had to mention that but in this country–you never know. 

Maybe it’s much more technical than I imagine and would probably cost millions and millions of dollars that we do not have? Thirty-four million dollars would be a good start for this project.

W Dopson