Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A lot to learn from the Americans

TRINIDAD and Tobago is in a state of serious collapse. Forget the Government. This last issue involving PNM’s “Keith Rowley looking like Anil Roberts” is surely the last straw. The rot is pervasive: we now have a Police Commissioner who thinks it is justifiable for a reporter to earn a price on his head when he asks the wrong questions. Lord, what a mess! Somebody, please let the acting Commissioner know that it is not his job to decide what reporters should or should not write. His job is to protect and serve the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and its visitors.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. We can’t blame the Brits, the Yanks, Goodluck or Nicholas. We can’t even blame the IMF. Our severe lack of understanding of the concept of consequence has led us to this point, fuelled by profound laziness and inaction.

First law: We Trinidad and Tobago are one people, just like United States is E Pluribus Unum. Americans are not ambivalent about who they are; they don’t want to be British or Canadian.

Second law: Every action has its consequences. Every inaction or non-action has its consequences. Doing nothing is not an option. It is sitting back and leaving things to others that has got us into the mess we’re in. When you leave things to others they do what they want, and you pay dearly for it. Wake up. These idiots and stumblebums (in Government) work for you; they work for me. You do not work for them. The police work for you. Laws are passed and implemented according to your direction. Americans recognise and know this. That is why their homicide rate is five and ours is 43 per 100,000. It is why the US is the most litigious country on earth; Americans take their rights very seriously.

 The most powerful person in the US is the citizen, not the president. The American government  does anything and everything to appease its citizenry. It does not want to see its citizens rise up any more than they do already. After all, they, the citizens have kept one basic right sacrosanct: the right to bear arms. That right was not given to them. It was created by the citizens of the United States of America, for the citizens of US. Wake up, T&T; get busy now, or go down like the ill-fated ferry Sewol.

David Roxborough

St James