Thursday, December 14, 2017

A new beginning for people of faith


Catholic faithful on the selection

of a new Pope.

If the initial indications

are indeed true, then truly,

this must be a new beginning

for people of

faith. Indeed,

I am moved

by the descriptions


Pope Francis

as a man

who has denied


of luxuries,

rode the bus

to work and

visited the

slums to

share the message of peace

and humility. How does this

compare to those who have

built empires and now spread

the Word in airplanes, have

security entourages and live

the finest, while bleeding

money from the poor for fake


I trust the selflessness and

humility of Pope Francis will

remind people of all faiths of

the true meaning of religion.

Last but not least, those

Catholics who have drifted

away must recognise, before

itís too late, that faith is not

about miracles, spirit lash,

money and glamour. They

must return to the fold and

seek forgiveness for their disbelieving

ways. Not getting

rich, not being healed, or not

having a faithful spouse does

not mean they should lose

their faith.

Lystra Marajh