Friday, February 23, 2018

A sinister plan?

 I now wonder if politics is a window for entertainment and humour, or a gateway to heart attacks and disappointment. My point more specifically is directed to the recent announcement of our honourable Prime Minister in Parliament with respect to the following issues of constitutional reform—a two-year fixed term for prime ministers, the right of recall of MPs, a second ballot run-off in voting and a fixed date for elections.

With the above in view, I now pose the following questions: will constitutional reform in Trinidad and Tobago bring about improved strategies and dynamics of governance? Can constitutional reform provide men and women of better competence, impeccable character and sound integrity for our political system? Will the people of Trinidad and Tobago enjoy an improved lifestyle, fewer hardships and greater harmony as a result of constitutional reform?

Finally, why this anxiety over constitutional reform at the end of four years? Why didn’t our Government introduce and implement this concept in 2010 and even in 2011? Is there some sinister plan or strategy involved in this apparent goodwill to the nation?

Raymond S Hackett 

St Augustine