Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A step in the right direction

 I trust the Government of Trinidad and Tobago is fervently trying to eliminate crime in our country. The Ministry of National Security recently highlighted that in comparison to the Carnival period of the last two years, crime has been significantly reduced.

As Carnival is over, and the public believes the vigilant security scrutiny might now be diminished, people may have concerns about the continued state of crime in our country. I do believe (and sincerely hope) the Government is not going to allow itself to drop the ball on crime fighting, especially after it has raised the bar. If it can boast of itself, I believe it will work hard to maintain that standard.

Also, let us be fair people. The success the ministry is celebrating on the National Operations Centre is actually the roll-out period. The full surveillance system of our country is still a fairly new initiative of the Government.

The Carnival season, I believe, was a test run/trial period for its functionality and I am sure, as with any new policy, it has had both successes to celebrate and mistakes from which to learn.

The ministry also recently initiated the cooperation of the general public (aka citizen policing), the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and other law-enforcement teams in a collaborative effort in crime fighting. This was also a first, and more than likely had its own challenges and achievements.

So from this “teething” process of learning, Government security agencies will now be able to fully implement their policies and system nationwide to really make an impact on crime throughout the country. That’s why I think we should not diminish its efforts. 

Vindra Dookie

La Romaine