Sunday, February 18, 2018

A victim of his own ego

We must understand and empathise when people are feeling unwell. They are out of sorts, irritable, short tempered even. That however is no excuse for bad behaviour unless you are a petulant child who is still in the learning stages of life. 

Surely not for a man of the stature of Dr Ramadharsingh who is also Minister of the People and Social Development. If nothing else it was disrespect to authority, with the flight attendant being the one in authority in this instance. 

 Public figures and indeed anyone who holds a position of power and authority can easily become a victim of their own ego. Caution and sensibility are thrown to the wind and is replaced with a myriad of actions and behaviours that result in having to grasp at straws to justify them. 

What is amazing is the Dr Ramadharsinghs of this behaviour actually begin to believe the sad straws as being true and real. 

We accept it. It becomes standard. We start doing it flawlessly. We grasp at straws, we embellish facts, we colour over truth to make it presentable. Presentable to really whom though...self or others? 

Is this how values, morals and respect get eroded in our lives and hence in our society? To err is human— I agree. 

To take full responsibility, acknowledge the wrong doing, apologise and or fix the problem where applicable is divine. 

To make excuses is shallow and to actually convince yourself it is true and real is just pathetic.

I now however fully empathise with health care providers that they have to face the “Dr Ramadharsingh syndrome” daily from the sick.....or do they?

Karimah Mohammed

St Augustine