Sunday, February 25, 2018

A wake-up call

The assassination of Dana Seetahal is but another wake-up call for every single citizen of this country. The outrage, shock and horror expressed should also be multiplied every single time an innocent man, woman or child is gunned down. This atrocity begs the question: was the killing related to her professional life or was it related to her personal life?

Unfortunately the Keith Noel Committee has gone missing, silent or is dead. Such is the nature of the beast known as “collective cabinet responsibility”.

The human mind that put out this hit and the gunmen who carried it out came from amongst us. What type of family structure produces gunmen for hire? When would the powers-that-be see that intervention is needed to prevent these young men from growing up into a life of crime? At what point do the parents of these gunmen give up all hope and accept the fact that their children are murderers?

On several occasions I have seen outrage expressed by family members when the police kill a suspected gang member. However, when a gang member kills an innocent child, NOT ONE SQUEAK out of these same individuals! The state’s apparatus for gathering intelligence has been dismantled. WHY? I dare say, in response to my own question: it’s solely because many “big persons” have a huge amount of cocoa in the sun.

I wish to express my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dana Seetahal.

Andy Jangeesingh

Via e-mail