Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Christmas prayer


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I won't wish for presents at Christmas this year

Not even a cellphone or a Teddy bear

But what I would like to see more of this time

Is goodwill to all men and kindness sublime.

Not in groceries and malls the rabid mad rushing

With towering trolleys chockful of much shopping

The glittering glow of ornaments and lights

Can only fill our senses with empty delight.

So please spare a thought for the frail and the fragile

The poor widow, the orphan, the sick and the servile

The indigent who are hungry, the old

Let's put something substantial in their empty bowl.

Only then will we feel the true spirit of Christmas

When we all put the needy in our thoughts first

The turkey and fruit cake will sate our stomachs, but that

Can never put love and joy in our hearts.

Eva David-Swain

Sangre Grande