Thursday, January 18, 2018

A choice to make

Tobagonians roundly rejected the TOP despite gifts of baubles, beads, trinkets, mirrors and music boxes accompanied by the Partnership's well-known smoke and mirrors act.

They rejected the PM's arrival to free them "from their shackles", her "Section 34 has nothing to do with you", along with other offensive statements. The blandishments in the Tobago Bill were shrugged off as well.

Yet, instead of accepting that reflection on the reasons for the sound drubbing is essential for future good governance, the AG and Minister of National Security are frantically waving the defunct race card.

It's not that racism is nonexistent in T&T but TOP's previous victories in Tobago give lie to their ridiculous, mean-spirited, backward-staring and myopic statements.

The Government can either continue with their "is we time now" feeding-at-the-trough style or decide that T&T matters enough to use their final two years in office to regain a modicum of the respect and goodwill they have squandered. Are they capable of rising to the occasion to become an all-inclusive government?

Catherine Hidalgo

Port of Spain