Thursday, December 14, 2017

A plan to help our problem children

Here is a small idea for school improvement.

Since the deshifting of the former junior and senior comprehensive schools the pupil-teacher ratio in a lot of these schools is around 10 students to one teacher and sometime less than 10 students to the teacher.

Suppose these schools formed remedial/guidance groups when children enter first form and children are broken into groups of ten with a teacher being appointed as their guidance leader (call them what you may). Children could stay with their remedial/guidance group throughout their school life.

Of course all teachers will have to receive some basic training and support for this function which is two-fold: to assist students with improvement in their literacy and numeracy and to offer adult guidance to them generally. Some sessions will have to be timetabled for this function.

I believe this can be better achieved without directive from the Ministry of Education if principals exercise good school leadership.

Samuel Lochan

via e-mail