Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A watered-downfete – our festival

In the last decade my Carnival experience has been restricted to the confines of my living room or through the radio when I am in the car. But I think I have a great understanding of what is current. To my utter dismay I witnessed the death of Dimanche Gras through this newly presented format.

The NCC should take responsibility for the failure of Carnival 2013, at least activity-wise.

If the plan was to market Carnival to obtain maximum financial gain, then someone should have told the board that you must sell quality to remain marketable. If Carnival is to remain branded as "The Greatest Show on Earth", it should be just that the greatest!

What was presented to the public was a watered-down fete with little quality, many lulls and no excitement. Wouldn't it have been wiser to spread the competitions around and keep (at least) the Calypso Monarch on Sunday night? A worthy idea may have been: Thursday King and Queen of Carnival; Friday Soca Monarch; Saturday Panorama Finals and, oh yeah, Dimanche Gras Calypso Monarch with Extempo, Most Humorous, Social Commentary with nice interludes with the winners of the aforementioned competitions including Chutney Soca Monarch.

Don't let me get started on Carnival Monday and Tuesday! Recently, Trinbagonians became very familiar with the term "feasibility study", so why is it that a proper one has not be conducted to create a better flow for masqueraders to avoid the lulls and jams? Two simple things- a flow plan for the road and time release structure for all bands at a main judging point in downtown POS.

Patrice King-Newton