Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ackbar Road woes

This is an open letter to Member of Parliament for Chaguanas West Mr Jack Warner, Minister of Local Government Mr Surujrattan Rambachan and Minister

of Works and Infrastructure

Mr Emmanuel George.

I would like to highlight a very significant issue plaguing residents of Ackbar Road, Charlieville, Chaguanas, for time immemorial. Ackbar Road runs paral- lel to the southbound lane of the Solomon Hochoy Highway. It is an access road for many people on a daily basis and provides convenience to a large number of businesses, residents and commuters.

Due to a large drain that runs parallel to the road, it has in recent years caused the road to deteriorate rapidly since there is no retaining wall which encloses this large volume of water. Residents are constantly plagued by this issue and for years have been calling on the relevant authorities to rectify this problem.

The councillor for the area, Joey Samuel, has also been informed of this issue, time and time again, and it seems the plight of residents and businesses have fallen on deaf ears. I do hope the relevant authorities pay heed to this call.

We the residents of Ackbar Road are hard-working, taxing-paying individuals. We have suffered for far too long, and no one is providing an answer to us. Not only are our homes being affected but also our vehicles since they are subjected to terrible road conditions on a daily basis.

I am appealing to all those who have the power to execute change to make a difference. If this problem is not addressed, the land will begin to slip as has occurred in the past, and with it, the homes of residents as well.

Ana Singh

via e-mail