Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Act on ‘unethical’ attorneys to save legal profession

 The matter with the Attorney General and the former solicitor general is a serious 

domestic matter which has far-reaching consequences, if what is alleged is proven.

Domestic because it concerns the practice of law and the legal profession.

This matter has no place on the streets of the country. This would drag the legal profession into disrepute. There is a way to deal with lawyers who offend the code of ethics of the legal profession or the rules of the court and that is by a complaint to the disciplinary committee of the Law Association.

The Opposition Leader must not turn this matter, with the serious accusations against practising attorneys, into a political bacchanal wherein the lawyers cannot defend themselves while their character is brought into humiliation and contempt. He should act in an honourable manner and refrain from bringing the head of the Bar and the entire legal profession into a political bacchanal.

The best course of action at this stage in this very sensitive matter is for the Law Association to lodge a complaint to the disciplinary committee against the attorneys who are allegedly involved in illegal or unethical practices. 

Ramesh Persad-Maharaj