Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Act of hatred against us

I am really shocked that someone would slash the paintings on the walls of the Queen's Park Oval. Sadly, this says a lot and I see more than some crazed idiot swiping at something he doesn't understand or appreciate.

Once again we see the desecration of the work of our nation's artists.

I had in fact taken note that we had begun to take back our environment and our artists had been recording various aspects of life in Trinidad and Tobago. As such, the artwork on the walls of the Oval are a national billboard of all the things which define us: our flora, fauna, festivals, personalities, seasons and habits. So whether, it's a doubles man or a Jouvert scene or the Queen's Park Savannah, the fact remains that this is us. This is a whiteboard to the world as to who we are.

So the person who did this really hates Trinidad and Tobago. He dislikes unity, he dislikes diversity, he dislikes the air we breathe and the soil we walk on. When he looks in the mirror of the Oval wall, he hates himself. He is a pitiful person.

I hope he is not heading for the wall of paintings on Wrightson Road, where our nation's school children have so wonderfully captured their views.

So the person who did this needs help. He is no different from the people who are killing the animals, the turtles, the agouti and the scarlet ibis. He is no different from the people who stole all the material from the $30 million church at the Heights of Guanapo and the industrialists who pollute the Beetham. Indeed, he is no different from the people who are letting their effluent flow into the bay of Chaguaramas.

Lystra Marajh