Thursday, January 18, 2018

Africans made massive contribution

The United National Congress extends greetings to the national community on the occasion of Emancipation 2011.

This year marks 177 years since slavery was abolished in Trinidad and indeed our people have made an outstanding contribution to the development of this twin-island republic.

As we look back at the history of Trinidad and Tobago, it is clear that the presence of the Africans has added to the diverse culture of our country and, moreso, they have contributed to our nation's development in the spheres of arts, politics, finance and education.

The UNC reminds all our people of the struggles and sacrifices that our forefathers suffered to attain the freedom that we enjoy today. We are reminded of the adversity that they overcame and the paths of prosperity, equality and justice we enjoy today.

As we celebrate Emancipation, let us reflect on these sacrifices and the images of the plantation struggle and use these as a reminder to better ourselves as individuals, to be our brother's keeper and to work toward achieving our fullest potential as a united people.

Happy Emancipation 2011 and May God Bless Our Nation.

UNC Secretariat