Tuesday, January 16, 2018

After all Machel has done?

While it may be the prerogative of Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago to "suspend" its contractual obligation to Machel Montano, the timing of so doing is insensitive.

Machel has been at the forefront of bmobile's branding since inception and has done exceedingly well. Bmobile has benefitted from Machel's endorsement over the years. Through Machel and a number of young achievers in sport and entertainment, TSTT and the bmobile brand have attracted a significant number of clients and, by extension, made a lot of money.

It is also unfortunate the union, whose membership has benefitted, has also been calling for Machel's scalp and now, Anya Ayoung-Chee's. It should examine its own employee's packages and its employment practices before casting the proverbial stone.

Trinbago's young artistes need and deserve our support.

Board rooms are replete with people who see only their balance sheets. While this may indeed be their raison d'ętre, the broader picture must also be considered. Too often, public perception of artistes takes precedence over the the objectives of the companies they serve.

Young, enterprising achievers—beware of the company you keep.

Ainsworth Mohammed

via e-mail