Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Age doesn’t mean wisdom

Colm Imbert, on June 6, while making his contribution in Parliament said that we need a wise old man for the position of Governor of the Central Bank. How myopic could this statement be!

What does age or gender have to do with it? I ask this so called wise, old man who made this statement to take a look at the current governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney. Mr Carney was the governor of the Bank of Canada at the age of 43 and was appointed to his current position at age 48. And what about the current chair of the Federal Reserve in the US, Janet Yellen? What we have here is a middle-aged man and a woman leading two of the most powerful central banks in the world. According to the now expert on central banking, Colm Imbert, these two do not fit the criteria for these posts. According to him, your ability does not matter, as long as you are an old and wise man. Dear Mr Imbert, age does not necessarily mean you are wise, you of all people should be cognisant of this fact.

Valerie Samuels

San Fernando