Sunday, December 17, 2017

All T&T hands on deck please

I do not like the tone of Dr Errol Benjamin's letter in the Express of March 24 headlined "What can our new President do?"

It paints a picture of someone on the sidelines at a cricket or football match where the spectators are not allowed to intervene and contribute to the outcome.

I watched a video recording of President Carmona's inaugural address and was very impressed by what he said.

One of the items I take seriously to heart was his exhortation to the entire nation to become involved in the work that has to be done. In the home, as in the community at large, there is so much that can be done right away.

The President has called on us to invest in the vision for Trinidad and Tobago. Alone, he will not succeed. With the will and work of the people, much will be accomplished.

I have no idea whether the writer of the letter is a medical doctor or a PhD, but his title suggests someone who could have something of worth to bring to the table. One hand can't clap, so we need all hands, hearts and minds on board to make a positive effort, starting in our own familiar surroundings and moving on from there.

Yes, we can make a big difference to bring our country back from the brink. This is not a spectator sport and we need God's help as well, so don't forget to pray.

Pat Ryan