Thursday, January 18, 2018

Always last-minute

 Why do we Trinis like so much last-minute confusion? Why are we now, at this 99th hour, squabbling about Carnival band routes?

How long ago did Carnival 2013 finish? Last December? Or last February? So now we are arguing about bands passing through Woodbrook and the route for the children’s street parade. Why weren’t these issues decided months ago, one way or the other?

Why is the National Carnival Commission (NCC) not leading decisively on these issues? Does the NCC need more staff or maybe full-time staff to get the job done? Maybe they need foreigners, like the Police Service appears to need!

On another issue, I fully agree with Express columnist Theodore Lewis, who is calling for the highest national award for the late Lord Kitchener. Why wasn’t the Grandmaster so honoured in his lifetime, especially by his beloved People’s National Movement when it was in power? Hmm...

E Anthony

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