Monday, February 19, 2018

An aspiring legislator and legal luminary is no more

It was with a deep sense of sadness and some trauma that I awoke last Sunday morning to the depressing news that Dana Seetahal had died at the hands of unknown assailants in the Woodbrook area.

Interestingly the last person, about whom my thoughts were cast and about whom I spoke just about the time of her death, and before I retired to bed on that fateful Saturday night, was Dana Seetahal.

It was just after Saturday midnight that circumstances led me to comment to two business associates, that Dana Seetahal loved casinos. I also told them that she would recognise me even from behind or if she heard my voice and that wherever this might be she would call out to me by name.

Dana and I served in the Senate together. She was an independent senator during the period November 2006 to May 2010, when I also served in the Senate as a Government senator appointed by the People’s National Movement (PNM), which was then the Government in office.

We maintained a professional relationship within the Senate chamber and for me, it was always a breath of fresh air to converse with her on many issues of national importance. But more striking for me was her meticulous obsession with getting the details and specificity of language in the legislation correct when bills were being debated in the Senate.

Dana’s death has certainly sent shock waves locally, regionally and internationally.

The stain of the blood of this modest, measured and trustworthy woman will remain etched on the conscience(s) of the person or persons, who masterminded that plot for her demise.

As a former senate colleague, I take this opportunity to convey my condolences to the family of Dana Seetahal. I join with the national community in mourning Dana’s passing and pray to God that her soul will find eternal rest.

Arnold Piggott

Former senator and minister of Agriculture, Land & Marine Affairs