Saturday, February 24, 2018

...And who is watching Big Brother?

The State (Big Brother) is training cameras, listening devices, tracking devices and data capturing technology on the public. They are monitoring your movements, your financial transactions, social habits, tracking your phone calls, e-mail, text messages, blogs, snail mail, online social networking, logging your computer key strokes. So Big Brother State is definitely watching you. Who is watching them (PNM/UNC/DLP/NJAC/COP/TOP/NAR)? Who is monitoring their movements, financial transactions, social habits, tracking their phone calls, e-mails, text messages, blogs, snail mail, online social networking, logging their computer key strokes? If no one, why not?

Isnít Big Brother State in league with those who harm you? After all, Section 34. After all, failing to request Google shed light in shady political e-mails. After all, failing to extradite political financiers whose US colleagues have already served time and paid fines linked to the same Piarco Airport construction fraud matter. After all, failing to arrest anyone after discovering drugs shipped into the country in 2010 in a container with chicken parts ordered by local chicken retailers.

Is Big Brother State watching those who are harming you? Donít the internal workings of the National Insurance Board need monitoring so we can understand why over the years the number of persons with NIB problems is exponentially greater than all forms of crime combined? Who is monitoring that? Show the nation how they treat with NIB account holders on a day-to-day basis.

Where are the technologies for monitoring the internal operations of the banking sector to show why they can report billions annually in after-tax profits but give near zero per cent interest on customersí bank savings. Organise State monitoring technologies to show uncensored how the Central Bank keeps T&Tís exchange rates against the UK, US, EU and Canadian currencies at artificially high values to keep workers artificially underemployed when T&Tís currency ought to be floating.

Train cameras on the shady closed door breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings between businesspeople and politicians and/or their representatives. Enlighten the nation via State uncensored monitoring technology on the internal workings of the energy sector. Illuminate via State uncensored monitoring exactly what chemicals local food manufacturers put into processed packaged foods to make them not go rancid. Shed light on what the nationís lodge brothers and sisters (chambers of commerce, private and public sector CEOs, politicians, IRO leaders, business executives) do and say during initiation ceremonies.

Show the nation uncensored how the local manufacturing and retail sectors divide the profits between owners, shareholders, managers on one side and common workers on the other. Show uncensored how the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) does its work. Focus monitoring technologies on how Caribbean Airlines does business. Organise State uncensored monitoring technology to show what wonderful, expedient, just, decent services employees of the State give to the public at the immigration offices, licensing offices, BIR offices, police stations, public hospitals and health centres.

Sarah Parks

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