Tuesday, February 20, 2018

And the band played on...

I read in the Express that the members of former Divine Echoes are on the verge of making a resounding return to the music scene this time under a new name, "Echoes The Band", and I wish them well.

I don't know if I was left at the gates when this new dispensation in naming things came into being, but I was a bit taken aback a few years when Kees Dieffenthaller renamed his outfit "Kes The Band", only to now have another entity emphasising its line of business.

I first noticed this trend in 1978 with Superman–The Movie. I suppose that was to inform moviegoers that they weren't paying to see Superman the comic book.

To continue along these lines, we are now seeing football clubs with the suffix "FC" attached to their names. Maybe it's because these clubs are multifaceted and they don't want "Joe Public" to get confused by the different disciplines in which they participate. I therefore wouldn't be the least surprised if in the not-too-distant-future we have netball clubs NC, hockey clubs HC, cricket clubs CC or even waste-disposal companies adopting WC.

But like everything else, I would hate to see political parties getting lured into this new trend. Can you imagine the confusion in the polling booth election day when on opening your ballot paper you see, "PNM-PP".

Gregory Cockburn

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