Thursday, January 18, 2018

Anil Roberts was being mischievous

Based on what I read and viewed on television news with respect to the ‘alleged’ assault of MP for D’Abadie/O’Meara Anil Roberts by supporters of the PNM outside the Parliament building on March 28, I am forced to conclude that Anil was being provocative. I have a number of questions for Anil.

I saw some other MPs greeting and interacting with some of the demonstrators, of both hues, red (PNM) and yellow (UNC), all from the safety of the barriers behind which the protesters stood, clearly separated into two distinct factions based on their colours.

What did Anil hope to achieve by barging through the throngs of PNM supporters, other than to prove that he is a “badjohn” and can walk anywhere? Knowing Anil, I would not be surprised if he wasn’t throwing picong at the PNM supporters which may have incensed them to the extent of responding vociferously.

Anil should be the last person to speak about hooliganism, as his demeanour has not changed from his incarnation as “Spalk” on Gayelle the Channel to his present position as a Member of Parliament. I wait to see what the CCTV footage on the precincts of the Parliament Building reveal, and if found wanting, Anil should be given a “Glenn” — if you know what I mean.

Kenneth Sylvester

via e-mail