Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Animal activist Jowelle deserving of award


devoted to animal rights: Jowelle de Souza

Mark Fraser

 Congratulations to Jowelle de Souza, activist for animal welfare, on being awarded the Hummingbird Medal (Bronze) for her long-standing and selfless devotion to animal rights in Trinidad and Tobago. 

This award would undoubtedly serve to empower and motivate all of those compassionate individuals and groups who, against all odds, have dedicated their time and personal resources to a cause, in which the only reward is personal satisfaction.

It is heartening the Government has seen it fit to recognise animal rights in the National Awards, amid sinister reports of animal abuse happening in our country. For example, the wanton poisoning of dogs in St Ann’s and the poignant sight of those helpless dogs lying dead on the roadway. And the senseless execution of innocent animals at the pound in San Fernando, instead of releasing the animals to an animal-rights group who had petitioned the then mayor for their release and rehabilitation. 

I hope this award would be a step forward in the empowerment of animal rights and Government would move to bring long-outstan­ding legislation to Parliament for the protection and well-being of animals.

Ms De Souza, and all animal-rights activists, congratulations on this well-deserved award and our deepest respect and admiration to you. 

RP Joseph

San Fernando