Thursday, December 14, 2017

Animal poisoning must end

Grisly discoveries of dead animals in parts of Trinidad over the last three months must be brought to the attention of the public and the authorities.

Dozens of homeless dead dogs, cats and birds, such as the osprey, sea hawk and corbeau, apparently have been the victims of poisoning by Lannate, an agricultural insecticide that is easily available in shops.

Several reputable vets have confirmed this finding. It can now be inferred that the poison is placed in fish to attract the dogs and cats and also eaten by the hawks and ospreys. The corbeaux die after ingesting the tainted carcasses of the dead animals. What are we to conclude here?

We know about companies who clandestinely employ persons at night to poison and get rid of dogs on their compounds and, now, this is becoming a full-blown indiscriminate practice.

We again renew our appeal to the Prime Minister and her Government to please update, create and expedite laws where people can be charged for acts of cruelty to animals. Again, we say this is a critical tenet of civil society and holistic good governance.

Bring about a comprehensive pet ownership act where owners must take responsibility for their animals, and in this way, we can reduce the numbers of unwanted litters that grow up to be homeless.

We have these gruesome discoveries and hard evidence, and as a welfare organisation, there is no place where we can go with it, and once again, acts of animal cruelty are committed with impunity.

Kathryn Cleghorn

President Animals Alive